Black Goat Breeds

Alongside white, black is the most common color goats come in. Whether solid-colored or patterned, it is not hard to come by a black goat.

Anatolian Black Goat

The Anatolian Black Goat is a Syrian-type goat raised in Turkey. Anatolian Black goats have large drooping ears and small heads. The bucks are horned, while the does are hornless.

Alpine Goat

Alpine Goats are natives of the renowned European mountains, The Alps. Since goats of this breed have positive milk indicators, they thrive as dairy animals.

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Arapawa Goat

The Arapawa goat was named after its origin – the island of Arapaoa, New Zealand. Arapawa goats are feral. But they may also be kept domestically. They are friendly, easy to handle, and easy to raise.

Kinder Goat

The coat of Kinder goats is short, and it comes in various colors, including black, brown, white, and many more. Kinder goats are bred for milk and meat. 

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