The 9 Best Pig Breeds for Pets

More and more people are buying and raising pigs at home. These are smart animals that can be an excellent addition to any home or farm.

Here are 9 pig breeds that are the best for pets.

1. The Spotted Pig

This pig has become very popular recently because of its distinct spotted design. These pigs can grow to be around 500 pounds, though, so make sure you have the space available before buying one!

2. The Pot Bellied Pig

People love raising pot bellied pigs because their size is more manageable. Some of the farm pigs will essentially take over your house because they grow so large. A pot bellied pig, on the other hand, stays relatively small and they learn things quickly.

3. The Mini Pig

You’ve seen mini poodles and mini schnauzers, but have you heard of miniature pigs yet? These are also sometimes called teacup pigs like their dog counterparts, and they can be amazing pets.



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