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15 Types of Sheep That Are Good to Eat

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Sheep meat is an important food item all around the world. One could get sheep meat from many production systems that can ascertain meat composition, muscle quality, and nutritional properties (vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids).

Animal farming and animal diet play a significant role in escalating sheep meat edibility. Each meat breed has characteristics that turn it into the best choice for many shepherds. Some sheep are big and contain larger quantities of meat while others give more tender and delicious meat.

Here is a list of sheep that produce healthy meat.

Suffolk Sheep

A flock of pregnant suffolk ewes sheep

Suffolk sheep are British domestic sheep that live on many farms in England and the United States. Stock Breeders prepared it in the late 18th century essentially for its meat but it also provides wool.

Suffolk sheep are very muscular and rugged animals with lovely black visages. They are also very calm yet vigilant creatures. Suffolk sheep have the best quality of meat with appetizing and luscious flavor.

Its meat provides a variety of both lean (low fat) and fat meat. It has a fine texture and a fair amount of moisture.

Cheviot Sheep

Cheviot sheep in a field

Sir John Sinclair introduced this breed of sheep. They hail from England and Scotland. Cheviot sheep are lucrative meat producers. Their body is compact with soft, pink flesh.

They provide meaty chops of great quality. Their meat has a perfect proportion of fatty oils and proteins which makes it taste fatty. Butchers trim them with enough fat to make them tender and juicy.

Charollais Sheep

Charollais Sheep standing on the snow

Hailing from France, this breed of sheep was mainly produced to get good quality meat. They have pinkish heads and a gentle countenance. This breed gives one the top-notch quality of meat.

Many people prefer this meat because of its sheer softness and tenderness. It holds enough fat in which one can cook meat without having extra calories. Charollais is the perfect example of tender and succulent meat.

Dorper Sheep

Dorper Sheep Rams on a dorper sheep stud farm

Hailing from South Africa, Dorper sheep is a black-headed and white-bodied breed. Their skin is a combination of hair and wool, which sheds off without being sheared.

Dorper sheep meat has a light, but still lavish taste. The most prevailing chops are the culled rams as roast, stew meat, and ground meat.

Dorper sheep yield meat as soft as lambs. Lambs give out the most tender, non-greasy, delicious, and fragrant meat.

Aoudad Sheep

Three aoudads sheep

Aoudad sheep’s origin is South Africa. They are short and have cherry colored skin, and white legs. They have strands of long and silky hair draping from their throat. Their horns are curly and turn inward over the neck.

The rams and lambs both have a macho appearance. Aoudad sheep meat is the best and most delicious meat one could try As long as it is cooked properly.

It tastes like deer meat, however, it is not as tough as buck deer. Aoudad’s red meat is rich with a beautiful fragrance.

Dall Sheep

Dall sheep

Dall sheep are the native of Northwestern North America. It is a white sheep with a pretty face.

The meat of Dall sheep, like that of a mountain goat, is a significant provider of protein and iron which help in the maintenance of the body and healthy blood.

Black Hawaiian Sheep

Black Hawaiian Sheep hail from Hawaii. They are black from head to hoof, with white spots on the mouth.

The Black Hawaiian Sheep do not have antlers but horns which keep growing. Its meat is not a good choice for smaller mutton farms.

However, it yields excellent lean meat with the best muscle and bone structure. Its taste is sweet and savory without a strong aftertaste.

Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

black welsh mountain sheeps in the forest

People have been admiring Black Welsh Mountain Sheep since the middle ages. They are tiny and have no wool on the visage and legs.

Male sheep have horns while females have poles. They are agile which makes it harder to keep them within the fence.

It gets appreciation because of its remarkable quality of meat and fiber. It has a great meat-to-bone ratio and people from around the globe consider it a fancy dish.

Hampshire Sheep

Hampshire Down Ewe sheep resting under the tree

Hampshire sheep originated in Hampshire, England. They are white in color and have a macho appearance. They have broad black faces, dark ears, and sturdy bodies which make them look like oxen.

If you don’t know if the sheep are healthy or not, note the pink tint (shows health) on its body. Its primary benefit is its quality meat production because it can covertly forage into muscle and fiber.

Shropshire Sheep

Shropshire sheep breed in welsh meadow

Shropshire sheep originated from the UK. It is a stylish breed from medium to large size. It has a wide chest and a strong neck. They have beautiful spot-free skin of pink color.

It is famous for its quality meat and wool. Its meat tastes like heaven a with a tender and soft flavor.

Texel Sheep

Texel Cross Ewe with her newborn lambs

Texel sheep hail from the island of Texel. These sheep are tiny creatures with broad faces and small ears. They have a good muscle-to-bone ratio.

Their meat is tender and a priority of many chefs because of its great texture and flavor. They have the highest degree in carcass composition of legs.

Dorset Horn Sheep

Dorset Horn Ram

One of the best breeds of the British is Dorset Horn. Although its origin is unknown, it is said it was produced from crossbreeding of Merinos with Welsh sheep. People recognize it from its curly horns.

The meat is luscious, juicy, very tender, and fleshy tasting. It has its own fleshy sheep taste. The sheep perform very well in grazing and often do not demand any extra supplementation.

Romney Sheep

Romney lambs in a meadow

Romney sheep are domestic sheep that originated in England. Its second name is Romney Marsh or Kent. They have a macho appearance with short necks.

Their nose and hooves are black in color. People appreciate it for its meat quality. Even older lambs of this breed have a tender and soft taste. They are energetic and hardy animals.

Merino Sheep

Stud Merino ram at at a farm

Breeders cultivated Merino sheep in Australia and New Zealand. Phoenicians initiated this breed from Asia Minor to Africa.

Its horns are coiled and appear near the head. Its meat is tender, dark-colored, and has a strong herbal flavor. It has a strangely soft and grainy texture.

Jacob Sheep

Two Jacob sheep on the field

Jacob sheep are a breed of the United Kingdom. Mary Cavendish inaugurated Jacob society. Its skin is pigmented with white hair spots it is polycerate.

They yield lean meat with a mild and soft taste. Their meat remains soft and tender and does not get a gamey flavor even if they get older.

Bottom Line

Good quality meat is imperative for a fine and strong-tasting recipe, apart from the nutritional value.

In the recent past, the demand for goat meat and mutton has increased because of animal science and technology regarding production systems, food quality, and slaughter methods.

Eating quality is also a significant aspect in food choice primarily if it is the latest sheep-processed product. If it seems desirable, fragrant, and delicious, there are more chances that the customer will buy it.

Technological developments sustain higher productivity of the system and the best quality in sheep and goat meat goods.