9 Breeds of Sheep  That Look  Like Goats

Sometimes, it is hard to tell a sheep apart from a goat.  A goat’s tail is usually held upright. In contrast, the tail of a sheep typically droops and is short. In this article, we focus on some breeds of sheep that look like goats.


The Damara sheep is thought to have its origins in Egypt and the Hamites of East Asia before it moved towards Angola and Namibia.

Damara rams usually have spiral horns. But the ewes are typically polled

Meatmaster Sheep

The Meatmaster breed is another hair breed. Meatmaster sheep are pretty tough and hardy. They are bred solely for their meat and are a fertile breed.


Nellore sheep are typically bred for meat.  The ewes are usually hornless, and they weigh an average of 66-77 pounds. They come in 3 coat colors: white, piebald, and brown.

Barbados Blackbelly

Sheep of this breed are pretty hardy – they can adapt to various environments.

Tilted Brush Stroke

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