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9 Smallest Pig Breeds

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In many cases, the smallest pig breeds are kept as pets. However, they may also be bred for meat.

Small pigs, also known as miniature pigs or mini pigs, are known to be curious, intelligent, friendly, and social. They also produce tasty meat, so it is no wonder they are raised for slaughter.

cute mini pigs with ribbons on a red chair

On average, miniature pigs weigh between 60 and 200 pounds when mature. They are also short, with an average height range of 14-20 inches at the shoulder.

Below, we discuss some of the smallest pig breeds in the world. We itemize them in reverse order, from heaviest to lightest, and we go into the particular details of each one.

Small Pig Breeds

Ba Xuyen220 lbs.25-28 inches
Kunekune150-220 lbs.19-24 inches
Ossabaw Island Hog200 lbs.20 inches
Vietnamese Pot-Bellied99-198 lbs.14-20 inches
American Mini Pig50-150 lbs.13-20 inches
Meishan135 lbs.23 inches
Choctaw Hog130 lbs.
Juliana65 lbs.10-16 inches
Gottingen Minipig57-60 lbs.10-20 inches

1. Ba Xuyen

two black Ba Xuyen piglets

The Ba Xuyen is a Vietnamese pig breed created from crossing the Bo Xu and the Berkshire pig. Members of this breed have short bodies, faces, and legs. And their snouts are somewhat curved and wrinkled.

Ba Xuyen pigs have big bellies, wide hips, and twisted tails. Their coat is short to medium length and white or pinkish-white with black patches in color.

On average, Ba Xuyen pigs weigh 220 pounds when fully grown. They reach heights of 25 to 28 inches on maturity, with the sows being the shorter ones.

Ba Xuyen pigs are primarily bred for meat. In line with this, they are raised on high-calorie foods like rice and other grains. This type of diet ensures they grow quickly and become large.

Ba Xuyen pigs have an average life expectancy of 6 to 12 years. They produce 2 litters per year, and each one typically comprises 8 to 9 piglets.

2. Kunekune

spotted Kune Kune pig walking near the side of a fence

Kunekune pigs are a breed from New Zealand. Their name, Kunekune, is a Maori word translated to mean fat and round.

Their parent breeds are not known for sure. But their parentage is thought to include the Poland China, Berkshire, and Gloucester Old Spot breeds.

Kunekune pigs have short, slightly curved snouts. They are typified by their long haiedr coats, which come in various colors. Some of the coat colors of Kunekune pigs include cream, white, black, brown, and ginger.

On average, Kunekune pigs weigh 150-220 pounds, but they can be as heavy as 400 pounds. The females are commonly around 100-175 pounds. The boars, on the other hand, are typically heavier.

When fully grown, Kunekune pigs can measure between 19 and 24 inches in height.

Kunekune pigs are typically raised on high-quality pasture. But in the absence of that, they may be given grass pellets and pot-bellied pig pellets.

Kunekune pigs typically produce 6 to 8 piglets per litter. However, their first litter can have as many as 12 piglets. On average, Kunekune pigs live for 15 to 20 years.

3. Ossabaw Island Hog

black and white Ossabaw Island piglet grazing on the grass

The Ossabaw Island Hog originated from Ossabow Island, Georgia, USA. It is a derivative of a population of feral pigs brought to Ossabow Island by Spanish explorers.

Ossabaw Island pigs have heavy bristled coats, upright ears, and relatively long snouts. They come in various colors, with the black and the spotted varieties being the most common.

On average, fully-grown Ossabaw Island Hogs weigh around 200 pounds while measuring 20 inches in height.

Ossabaw Island Hogs are primarily raised for meat, which is dark and has a peculiar texture. Ossabaw Island Hogs are commonly used in making cured meat, pork, and whole pig roasts.

Members of the Ossabaw Island Hog breed are generally intelligent, active, and friendly. They thrive at foraging and are adapted to local climates.

The population of the Ossabaw Island Hog is currently rated critical.

4. Vietnamese Pot-Bellied

black and white pot bellied pig sitting on a white sofa

The Vietnamese Pot-Bellied (also known as the Pot-Bellied) originated from Vietnam. It is one of the smallest pig breeds – smaller than standard American and European pigs.

One interesting fact about this breed is the genetic diversity amongst the indigenous members. A study revealed that Pot-Bellied pigs from different locations in Vietnam showed genetic variations. Owing to this, if they are crossed with other breeds, they create even more genetic variation.

Pot-Bellied pigs typically have short bodies, measuring 14 to 20 inches on average. However, some can grow as tall as 26 inches. On average, they weigh 99-198 pounds, but some boars can be as heavy as 220 pounds.

The coat of Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pigs is typically black. But some may have white markings. Of course, as their name says, they have a unique protruding abdomen.

Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pigs are raised for general purposes, and they may also be kept as pets.

5. American Mini Pig

a white mini pig standing near a stock of vegetable

As the name says, the American Mini pig has its origins in the USA. It was created through the crossing of various breeds. These breeds include the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied and the Minnesota Mini pig.

American Mini pigs have short legs, erect ears, and compact bodies. Their average height range is 13-20 inches, while their average weight range is 50-150 pounds.

Their coats come with coarse hair, which may be short or long depending on the season. American Mini pigs are available in various colors and markings. They may be solid-colored, striped, agouti, or spotted.

The primary purpose of creating American Mini pigs is so they can serve as pets. Accordingly, they are friendly, trainable, and intelligent.

6. Meishan Pig

Two black Meishan pig standing in a hog pen

Meishan is a breed of Chinese pigs, a sub-group of Taihu pigs. It originated from Southern China but is currently raised in many countries worldwide, including the USA.

The coat of Meishan pigs is usually black. They have wrinkled faces, wrinkled skin, drooping ears, and short legs.

The average Meishan pig is 23 inches tall while weighing 135 pounds. They are revered for being highly prolific; they produce 2 litters per year with as many as 15-16 piglets per litter.

Meishan pigs are raised for their lard and meat.

7. Choctaw Hog

choctaw hog in red apron standing on a slanting platform

Choctaw hogs are a small American pig breed. They descended from the pigs Spanish settlers brought into the Americas. The Choctaw Hog breed has been around for about 300 years but is currently endangered.

Choctaw Hogs are typified by their fused toes like the hooves of a mule. They are also characterized by their fleshy wattles on both sides of their necks.

Choctaw Hogs are usually black, but they may also have white markings. Their ears are typically slightly drooping or erect.

On average, Choctaw Hogs weigh 130 pounds. But they may also grow as heavy as 300 pounds. They thrive at foraging and are very hardy.

Choctaw Hogs can be aggressive, but when confined, they become tame. They are primarily raised for their lean meat.

8. Juliana

Spotted Juliana piglet standing on a wet grass

While the Juliana breed originated from Europe, its exact parent breeds are not known. However, it is thought to have come from other small pig breeds, including Kunekune.

Juliana pigs are available in all pig colors; they can be multicolored or dual-colored. The unique colorfulness of this breed earned it the name Miniature Painted pig.

As expected of a small pig breed, Juliana pigs have small bodies. However, their facial structure is like that of feral pigs or large-sized hogs. So, in a way, they look like adult pigs with small bodies.

Their adult-like or feral-like appearance does not take away from their visual appeal. People still refer to them as cute because of their color, size, and personality.

The average Juliana pig weighs up to 65 pounds when fully grown. However, they may weigh more if well fed. Their heights typically fall within 10 to 16 inches.

While Juliana pigs are commonly kept as pets, they may also be raised for meat.

Juliana pigs are compassionate – they can perceive grief and are sensitive themselves. Besides that, they are intelligent and can be trained. Juliana pigs typically live for 15 to 20 years, and they produce 5-10 piglets per litter.

9. Gottingen Minipig

Gottingen pig with black pigment on the face on a white background

Gottingen Minipig is a breed of German pigs created from a crossing between 3 other pig breeds. These breeds were the German Landrace, the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied, and the Minnesota Mini Pig.

Gottingen Minipig is said to be the smallest domestic pig breed in the world. It is also the first miniature pig breed created in Europe.

True to the crossing that birthed this breed, Gottingen Minipigs have traits inherited from each parent breed.

Their short legs and small bodies are traits from the Minnesota Mini Pig and the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pig. In some cases, they come with pot bellies like the Vietnamese Pot-Bellied pigs.

The regular color of Gottingen Minipigs (white hair and pink skin) is a trait they share with the German Landrace. However, when bred with colorful breeds, you can get Gottingen Minipigs of other colors.

Gottingen Minipigs have small heads and faces. Their ears are pricked upwards and often small to medium. Gottingen Minipigs come with short, sensitive snouts; the sensitivity makes up for their poor vision.

On average, Gottingen Minipigs grow to weigh around 57-60 pounds, although the boars can mature slightly above this range. The average Gottingen Minipig is 10-20 inches tall when fully grown, and it is uncommon to find one over 20 inches.

At the start, Gottingen Minipigs were primarily used for medical research. However, since 2010, they have become popular as pets.

Gottingen Minipigs are intelligent, compassionate, active, and friendly. On average, they live for 15-20 years.