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Do Ducks Eat Carrots?

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You certainly would not want to restrict your ducks to the same type of treats every time you feed them. Luckily, you do not have to. You could just add carrots to the list of snacks you give your ducks.

Do ducks eat carrots?

Ducks eat both the carrot and the greens. Carrots are tasty and highly nutritious. So, beyond being excellent treats, they offer some nutritional benefits to ducks.

Even though carrot is chock-full of nutrients, it can never replace a duck’s regular diet.

woman feeding ducks near the lake shore

Before you let your ducks snack on this crunchy veggie, you should read the rest of this article. We discuss the nutritional benefits of carrots to ducks, how much carrot ducks should eat, and much more.

Can Ducks Eat Carrots?

Ducks can eat all types of carrots, whether raw or cooked. However, carrots cannot be a part of their main diet.

Carrots contain high levels of sugar, and with regular intake, ducks can get fatter. So, carrots are best given to ducks as treats.

When feeding raw carrots to ducks, do well to grate or chop them into small bits. Raw carrots are a bit tough, so ducks may find it hard to eat them whole. This does not apply to cooked carrots. Ducks can eat cooked carrots of any size.

Can Ducks Eat Carrot Tops?

carrot tops planted on a carrot tray

Ducks can eat carrot tops. Compared to the roots, carrot tops have lower sugar content. So, the chances of the ducks getting fatter from eating carrot tops are low.

Nonetheless, ducks cannot eat carrot tops regularly. The high fiber content of carrot tops may predispose them to digestive issues over time.

When feeding carrot tops to your ducks, ensure you chop them into bits. This way, they can swallow the carrot easily without choking.

Can Ducks Eat Carrot Roots?

Ducks can eat carrot roots. The roots of a carrot plant are the tastiest part, partly because of their sugar content.

Regular exposure to this high level of sugar is undesirable for ducks. Therefore, carrot roots are best given as treats.

Besides being tasty and sweet, carrot roots contain many beneficial nutrients. In the end, your ducks may be getting more than just a treat.

Can Ducks Eat Cooked Carrot?

As we mentioned earlier, ducks can eat cooked carrots. Cooking carrots before feeding them to ducks actually makes swallowing easier.

Apart from that, the nutrients in cooked carrots are easier to digest, and easier to absorb.

Can Ducks Eat Canned Carrots?

carrots in can freshly opened

Avoid letting your ducks eat canned carrots. Some canned carrots come with preservatives that may be harmful to ducks. Then again, some products have high salt contents. Like sugar, high levels of salt will eventually harm a duck’s health.

How Often Should Ducks Eat Carrots?

Ducks cannot eat carrots every day because carrots do not contain all the essential nutrients they need. Furthermore, the high water content of carrots may cause ducks to produce watery waste, and this is not desirable.

So, how often should ducks eat carrots? Generally, it is advised that treats such as carrots be limited to 5 to 10% of a duck’s diet.

Of course, if carrots make up just 10% of their diet, they can only be given occasionally. Also, they should only be given in small amounts.

When your ducks are getting other high-sugar treats, you may want to reduce the amount of carrots you give them. Too much sugar can make your duck grow fatter, and a fat duck may suffer from various diseases.

Whenever you do let your ducks eat carrots, be strict with the portions. If they have their way, some ducks will eat more carrots than they should. When this happens, they may be too full to eat their regular meal.

Consequently, they may lose out on some essential nutrients.

Nutritional Benefits of Carrots to Ducks?

The following are some nutritional benefits of carrots to ducks:


Carrots are a high-water-content vegetable. It is estimated that 88% of a carrot is made up of water. Therefore, carrots can help keep ducks hydrated. This makes them a good treat of choice on hot days.


Carrots contain considerable amounts of carbohydrates as well, up to 10% of the total weight of a carrot. The carbohydrates in carrots can serve as a source of energy for ducks.

freshly harvest organic carrots from the vegetable garden

Vitamin A

One of the most abundant vitamins in carrots is beta carotene. When consumed by ducks, beta carotene is converted to vitamin A.

Vitamin A helps promote growth in ducks, especially ducklings. It improves immunity and egg production, and it may also help with vision.

Vitamin B6

Carrots contain some vitamin B6. Like most other B-vitamins, vitamin B6 (also called pyridoxine) facilitates metabolism. But apart from that, it may help with nerve function.

Vitamin C

While carrots do contain vitamin C, in quantities higher than the plant uses itself.

Besides the nutrients stated above, carrots also contain the following:

  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin K

Final Thoughts

While ducks can eat raw and cooked carrots and carrot tops, these items should only be given as treats. Regular intake of carrots may be detrimental to a duck’s health. Hence, it should never make up more than 10% of the diet of a duck.