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For about a decade, I’ve struggled with an inability to focus on things I’m not interested in, and an inability to remember things associated with that subject. Ask [..]

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Life is What Happens While You’re Making Other Plans

Here we are, eight months after my mother was struck by an inattentive driver while in her car. During this time, she has received very little cognitive treatment [..]

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Bad Blogger

I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments in a good month, at least. I’m sorry, that’s just terrible form. Haven’t been reading my Google Reader in a week, either, [..]

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The Biz

I work at a web hosting company. As such, certain benefits are allowed, such as having my own virtual private server, which can serve quite a few websites. [..]


Yay, Done

My training presentation is out of the way, as of yesterday. As with any first presentation I do, it wasn’t nearly as polished as I would have liked, [..]

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But I Am Le Broken

This post has nothing to do with sewing, quilting, knitting or crafting of any sort. It’s work stuff that’s knocking around my brain, looking for an outlook and [..]


An Ineffective Plug

Most of you have already heard of Ree the Pioneer Woman, and she certainly won’t notice a huge influx of traffic from my link to her site, but [..]


Reports from the Geek/Nerd Front

My poor, poor liver. It’s really taking one for the team today. And not in a crazy-go-wild, drink-your-pants-off way, either. In a desperate attempt to pacify the migraine [..]

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An Off-Topic Venting

As I sit here at my desk, taking a short break from the insanity that is today, I realize how tightly my shoulders are up around my neck, [..]