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Turning a pair of jeans into a skirt. Mostly.

Subtitle: Turning one pair of jeans into an unusable pile of rags, and then turning a different pair of jeans into something resembling a skirt. I’ve been thinking [..]

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Sleepy, Achey, Accomplished

I never, in 100 years, ever would have guessed I’d be spending hours hunched over a sewing machine, completely engrossed in what I’m doing. Never ever. But I [..]

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Well, I'll Be Damned.

After a five-hour quilting marathon today, I seem to have enough blocks to piece together a small couch throw. While I’d planned to make something a bit larger, [..]

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"This isn't a quilting blog…"

One of my co-workers showed this site to his mom, an avid quilter. He must have said something about it being a quilting blog, because her response was, [..]

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Getting to Know You

My sewing machine and I are having some… issues. We’re still learning each other’s quirks and needs. I wonder why, at random, the feed dogs* refuse to pull [..]

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First Blocks

Yesterday, I decided to quit pussyfooting around this quilting thing and Just Doo Eet. I’d been debating potholders and placemats and maybe just some fricking napkins to get [..]

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Measure Eight Times, Cut Twice.

I have a really hard time with straight lines and accurate measurements. In wood shop in the seventh grade, my old-fashioned bottle opener came out kinda janky. It [..]

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