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A Highly Political Debate

Let me tell you my feelings about cake. Cake is basically a medium for frosting. I am so all about the frosting. Any sort – buttercream, cream cheese, [..]

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Basic Bread Recipes

This probably isn’t true of many quilters, but so many people haven’t ever made a loaf of bread. I hadn’t, at least not since I was terribly young, [..]

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The pecan pie I am never allowed to make again

(Chiefly because I ate pretty much the whole thing, by myself, in under 48 hours.) Best Pecan Pie I’ve Ever Made It’s good stuff, people.

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Chunky, Healthy, Deeeelicious Applesauce Recipe

This stuff is good, and holy wow, it’s not loaded up with refined sugar and other nastiness. When I first saw “olive oil” on the list of ingredients [..]

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Slow Day

It’s a ridiculously slow day at work, so in between re-teaching myself Bash scripting, I’m pestering you folks with 8000 posts per minute. Yesterday, I was poking around [..]

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