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“Yer Damn Skippy” Beef Short Ribs Recipe

A reformed vegetarian has a go at low and slow Until recently, when I thought “ribs,” I harked back to the somewhat crunchy, dry, pain-in-the-ass ribs from my [..]

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Mind-Blowing Buttermilk Ice Cream Recipe

Anyone with half an attention span has by now noticed I’ve been posting more ice cream recipes than any other food lately. Evidently, I’ve had a yearning to [..]

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Spicy Pickled Eggs

My lovely friend Adrienne of Whole New Mom will likely want to gag when she reads this post; like many in the whole/real foods movement, she’s so sick [..]

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Velvety Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Tapioca pudding is one of those deeply satisfying comfort foods for me. It’s a bit of work, so I tend to make large batches when I do take [..]

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Grain-Free Clafouti

I am a pathological modifier of recipes. Seldom do I find a recipe I don’t tweak in one way or another, usually in the herbs and spices area. [..]

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A Recipe & A Secret

I have two things to share with you today – one is a recipe that’s not mine; the other, a secret that is. First, the recipe. It came [..]

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(Mis)Adventures in Dandelion Jelly

Until a few days ago, I’d heard of dandelion salads and wines, but never dandelion jelly. The idea intrigued me so much, I set about making it today. [..]

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She blinded me with horseradish

Last spring, I threw four horseradish plants in next to the potato hills. They flourished, growing nearly three feet tall. “Dig in fall to prevent propagation,” the description [..]

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“Do I really feel like chopping up two pounds of onions and sauteeing them for nearly an hour? Do I really?” I posted this mostly-rhetorical question on Facebook [..]

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Finnish Mushroom Pie Recipe

The holidays mean two very comforting things to me – Sienipiirakka and Iz. I couldn’t just be A Normal Person and have my favorite holiday traditions be a [..]

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