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Dad & Janet's Quilt, & A Skirt

Tonight, we had dinner with Dad, Janet and my step-sister Emily to do our Christmas exchange. It was difficult to show them their quilt in at Applebee’s, and [..]

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Delivering Mom’s Quilt

Having the day off, I chose this afternoon to deliver Mom’s quilt to her. I have a key to her house and picked a time when I desperately [..]

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Progress & A Little Good News

Christmas is breathing down our necks, and I feel it stalking me with an intensity – so much to do in the next two weeks, holy smokes! Last [..]

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Back in the Saddle

Tonight, I cut up the Kansas Troubles Snow Blossoms fat quarters to quickly put together the quilt for my mom. I fell completely in love with these fabrics [..]

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A Plethora of Projects!

My weekend begins tomorrow, and I’m stoked. I have so much I’m looking forwrd to doing! Here’s my list of current projects: 1.) Tetris Elemental quilt (top needs [..]

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Done and Done

The chocolate kisses quilt has just come out of the dryer, and it’s struck me I didn’t measure it before washing – I want to know how much [..]

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I really wanted to finish the pink quilt (which I’ve unimaginatively dubbed, “chocolate kisses,”) tonight. So much so, I stood in line at the fabric counter at Joann [..]

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I Could Stop Right Here…

In fact, it’s probable I should. I’ve corrected the slight oversight of putting a seam on the top side (thanks to the advice I received here,) I’ve got [..]


A Good Night

Nights like this make me feel pretty stinking good about this quilting thing. Like I’m actually making progress. The first border is stitched onto what I’m calling the [..]

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Second Quilt Top Coming Along

This is coming together hugely quickly, because I haven’t had to measure or cut anything, and that is fabulous. It’s currently 45″ x 41″, and I’ll be appling [..]