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Time Marches Unrelentingly On

On the drive to work, I pass a multitude of really cool barns, some of which are more than a century old. I love them, and I keep [..]

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Le Sigh.

I’ve been eying this tutorial for loungy pants for a couple of months now, and finally got the gumption up to try it last night. After having found [..]

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Mom's Quilt Process in Photos & Words

Mom’s quilt is finished. It feels kinda crazy to actually say that, but it’s true – the quilt is finished, and it even survived washing and drying. It’s [..]

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Blargh, but also, yay

Blargh – So I haven’t gotten much sleep the last several nights, and as such, I have once again forgotten to pick up the giveaway stuff to put [..]

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Non-quilting sewing projects

I have one thing made tonight I can’t talk about quite yet, but another I’m happy to share. First though, I seek the wisdoms of the internets. During [..]

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Sunday morning anti-stash report

There was very little stash activity this week, very little sewing going on at all, actually. However, yesterday, I spent basically the entire day yesterday in bed, hand-quilting [..]

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Small Craft Advisory

This morning’s heavy frost brought with it a distinct shift toward Winter. A powerful wind brought down the leaves from the trees last week, but that was followed [..]

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Instant Gratification, It Is Not

Did we all remember the end of Daylight Savings Time today? I didn’t. Showed up to work an hour early at 6:45am. I could have had another damn [..]

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An Untimely Death

Authorities in the small town of Williamston, Michigan, are baffled as to a cause of death for one of the local comedic entertainers. “The only thing we can [..]

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A Plethora of Projects!

My weekend begins tomorrow, and I’m stoked. I have so much I’m looking forwrd to doing! Here’s my list of current projects: 1.) Tetris Elemental quilt (top needs [..]

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