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Finding A Sense of Permanence

“Stability” isn’t really a word I’ve had a vast familiarity with since leaving home.  Moving yearly all though college, dragging myself across the country on a snap decision, [..]

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Continuing on the baby thread…

Folks had some interesting feedback on the last post – more than I expected. Most of it was of the “go forth and prosper” variety, but there were [..]

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“So, why exactly are you here?”

That’s exactly what a doctor said to me today, after talking with me for about ten minutes. “You’re healthy, your genes are sound, you’ve got that Restless Leg [..]

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The New Phone Book's Here!

Wait… am I the only one who remembers that scene from “The Jerk?” If so, you all think I’m genuinely excited about phone books, but that’s actually not [..]

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Hand Quilting

I haven’t been hugely interested in hand quilting thus far. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind, but my lack of confidence and even stitches [..]

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Sunday Stash

Many of us, it seems, quite lose our senses when it comes to pretty fabrics. We derive such pleasure from simply looking at them, contemplating the possibilities of [..]

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A Plethora of Projects!

My weekend begins tomorrow, and I’m stoked. I have so much I’m looking forwrd to doing! Here’s my list of current projects: 1.) Tetris Elemental quilt (top needs [..]

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Decisions, decisions…

Mike Neir is out mowing the yard, and is repeatedly freezing his tuckus off. Yesterday, he commented that I may have canned bean hoarding tendencies, so I’ve just [..]

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Thinking 8 Projects Ahead…

I believe I’m going to rip down the 9-patch from the design wall – it has, for the time being, served its purpose of getting me past the [..]

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Migraine Therapy

Yesterday, I swore off sewing for A Very Long Time, Or At Least for the Rest of the Weekend. Today, I got slammed with another killer sinus migraine, [..]

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