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Right Then, Back to Sanity

Or sanity “such as I know it.” Yesterday, Mike Neir decided we needed, like right now, a pair of the new Motorola Droid phones. This is the coolest, [..]

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I’m pretty out of it this morning… even though I slept hard, I can’t quite get myself woken up. And so it came to pass I found myself [..]

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Mental Upheavals

Lately, there’s this series of epic, Olympic struggles in my head… vast, sweeping Life Issues. As I understand things, this often comes with this time of life – [..]

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye

Ladies & Gentlemen (seriously, I know at least three dudes read this:) I have an important announcement to make. I do not like getting up and going to [..]


Not to be stereotypical….

I don’t mean to imply people who quilt also might enjoy other homemaking-related activities, but these cookies were a huge hit today at work: Mine weren’t quite that [..]

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