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Finding A Sense of Permanence

“Stability” isn’t really a word I’ve had a vast familiarity with since leaving home. ┬áMoving yearly all though college, dragging myself across the country on a snap decision, [..]

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Two Years

Somehow, in the relative blink of an eye, two years exactly have passed since I met, tackled, captured and subdued Mike Neir, tricking him somehow into falling in [..]

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Making Pickles, Part 2 of (N)

Because I’m new to This Canning Thing, I’m not fully equipped properly. For instance, I don’t have “a canning pot,” which is somewhat, y’know, important for the whole [..]

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Stuff Just Got Real. Real DELICIOUS.

Today is Mike Neir’s 31st birthday – yay! For part of the celebratoriness, I’ve harvested the first of several things from the garden. As I’ve been checking on [..]

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