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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to 40…

Lately, I’ve been full of introspection – more so than usual. As I manage to do from time to time (as The World’s Worst Buddhist,) I’ve been paying [..]

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Alright, ladies (and the occasional gentlemen;) I seek your advice. I am in desperate need of being pampered, and the usual routines just aren’t cutting it. What do [..]

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A Hole A Mile Wide

Sometimes, writing things down is the only way for me to process things. Complicated emotions, unfinished plans, things that have me scrambling for my footing. Writing this down [..]

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First Impressions

For the last decade or so, I have had absolutely no idea what sort of impression people take of me when we first meet in person. I’m guessing [..]

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The Thankful Post

It’s what we bloggers do on Thanksgiving, or other significant days. Some of us manage to do it more often, and we should all endeavor to remember gratitude [..]


Debating the day's plans.

Last night, I was going to either cuddle into bed and work on Mom’s quilt, or put together the apron the girls and I cut out the other [..]


A Baby? Am I Insane?!

Wow, so apparently RSS feeds pick up on password-protected posts! I’ve had a few alarmed, curious and amused emails and comments from people who have me set up [..]

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Mental Upheavals

Lately, there’s this series of epic, Olympic struggles in my head… vast, sweeping Life Issues. As I understand things, this often comes with this time of life – [..]

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Small Craft Advisory

This morning’s heavy frost brought with it a distinct shift toward Winter. A powerful wind brought down the leaves from the trees last week, but that was followed [..]

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