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Knitting Garage Sale

Knitting is something I really, really want to love. It speaks to a warm and comfortable place in my soul, beckoning me, calling softly, promising cozy, relaxing rewards. [..]

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It’s Awesome to Shop Locally

In addition to being the right thing to do for our local economies, it’s just plain good sense and good fun to see, touch and get a good [..]

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Knitting in the Buh?

Ani just tried to show me how to Knit in the Round using four DPN’s (that’s knitting leet-speek for “double-pointed needles.”) She cast on her stitches in about [..]

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Banned from the Swift

Last night, halfway through my second dishcloth for knitting class, I said “screw it; I’m done with this thing.” Not with knitting itself, mind you, but the stupid [..]


Knitting Bag

It didn’t take long for me to realize I was going to need a bag for all this knitting paraphernalia I’ve slowly acquired; throwing it all into the [..]

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Knitting Class, Part One

I learned one new thing – the “yarn over” – tonight, but more importantly, I learned I’d been doing stuff more or less correctly. I also learned it’s [..]

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Two Nifty Tutorials

I’ll be trying both of these out soon, once I get back into a sewing swing of things: Anna Maria Horner’s Circle Technique Clutterpunk’s Thread Sketching I lost [..]

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I wonder…

… is trying to knit in the tub just asking for disaster to strike?


Seventy-Five Stitches is Too Many

At least, for 10″ needles that are 10.5 in size. Duly noted. My experiment last night was full of holes and whatnot, so I unwound it all and [..]

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Nothing Ventured, Nothing Screwed Up

I like trying new things. Possessed of an adventurous spirit, I never know when to leave well enough alone. Not content to suck only at sewing and quilting, [..]