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Needles & Calluses

“Your underside finger will get pricked, but then it will build up a callus and you can show them off to other quilters.” Oh my, how quickly that [..]

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Instant Gratification, It Is Not

Did we all remember the end of Daylight Savings Time today? I didn’t. Showed up to work an hour early at 6:45am. I could have had another damn [..]

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Hand Quilting

I haven’t been hugely interested in hand quilting thus far. It’s something that’s been in the back of my mind, but my lack of confidence and even stitches [..]

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Hexagon Hell

I’ve seen dozens of posts extolling the virtues of these little hexagons: They’re hand-sewn using hexagon templates. The templates can be any number of substances – construction paper, [..]

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Operation: Next

In the spirit of personalizing and adding some visual interest to tote bags and towels and potholders and god knows what else, I figured I’d learn how to [..]

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