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The Autumnal Chickens

I haven’t posted any chicken photos in awhile, so here are a few shots from yesterday evening. They do not hold still well when they’re eating. They’re laying [..]

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My Grown-Up Girls

There are definitely two different girls laying now, though somewhat inconsistently. Some days we get two eggs, some days one, and on others there are none to be [..]


Chicken Pics

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Quick Peek at the Girls

They’re all doing well. 🙂 Gia: Cricket: Henry: Nox: Chickenhead: I still haven’t managed to get a good chicken arabesque photo. If we don’t get a proper coop [..]

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Unamused Henry is Unamused

It’s not that she hates the world – she just has no use for anything that is not food. Which the camera isn’t.

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Drama in the Chicken Coop

I’m writing this up while I wait for my lunch to heat up in our half-dead microwave, so please forgive me if it’s more disjointed than usual, and [..]

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Grown-Up Girls

As of two nights ago, the chickies have been permanently relocated to their own enclosure. Thus far, things are going quite well – even though the weather has [..]

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That One Percent

If you have no experience with fencing and animals, here is a bit of free advice should you ever decide you want to enclose some sort of animal: [..]

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Life is Good

As I type this, I’m sitting on the grass in the chicken yard, watching the girls hunting and scratching and pecking. There’s a pretty good wind up that’s [..]

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Those Awkward Teenage Years

These chickens have grown so stinking fast, I cannot believe my eyes. Less than a month ago, they were tiny little balls of fluff like this: At two [..]

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