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Optimistic Friday

It’s a beautiful day out. I don’t want to talk about how Chickenhead was also killed night before last, or how The Engineir very thoughtfully tried to protect [..]

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Bad Blogger

I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments in a good month, at least. I’m sorry, that’s just terrible form. Haven’t been reading my Google Reader in a week, either, [..]

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I’ve been scouring the web for gluten-free or easily-modified recipes the last several weeks, and there are some good things out there. As I’ve been acquiring supplies and [..]

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Unexpected Ingredients

Because I’m never content to simply Be Content, I was looking for other veggie lasagna recipes last night to make for Joe & Danielle. I knew I’d make [..]

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Mmm, Pie

We’re having a couple of friends over for dinner tonight, something we almost never do. Mike Neir and I are largely social hermits; we like the idea of [..]

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Finnish Mushroom Pie Recipe

The holidays mean two very comforting things to me – Sienipiirakka and Iz. I couldn’t just be A Normal Person and have my favorite holiday traditions be a [..]

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A Highly Political Debate

Let me tell you my feelings about cake. Cake is basically a medium for frosting. I am so all about the frosting. Any sort – buttercream, cream cheese, [..]

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Basic Bread Recipes

This probably isn’t true of many quilters, but so many people haven’t ever made a loaf of bread. I hadn’t, at least not since I was terribly young, [..]

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Two Recommended Recipes

I made dinner for Mike and one of his friends tonight, and thought I’d share the recipes. The first is a veggie lasagna I stumbled upon via Google, [..]

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