A Rhubarb Bed in 2 Hours

Somewhere, in front of this fence, lurking behind all that grass and weeds, are two Victoria rhubarb plants. Can you make them out?

Due to terrible initial planning when I put those little guys in there two years ago, the lawn overran them entirely. There was also a small asparagus bed to the right of the rhubarb.

I decided to rectify the situation today, since our weather is positively groovy.
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All-Natural Leg Wax – Followup

It’s been 12 days since The Great Leg Waxing – right around the amount of time I’d say it’s “worth the mess, discomfort, and time” involved with a waxing endeavor.

So! How’s it looking after almost 2 weeks?

See for yourselves: The Nad’s leg is beginning to show visible stubble, but just barely. It should still be presentable for another several days, I’d imagine.
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Velvety Tapioca Pudding Recipe

bowl of tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding is one of those deeply satisfying comfort foods for me. It’s a bit of work, so I tend to make large batches when I do take the time.
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Things One Doesn’t Wish to See in the Chick Coop


Particularly, blood in feces.

As I was hanging out with the chicks last night, I noticed several piles of poo which had trace amounts of bright red blood present. This sent a chill plumb down my spine. There wasn’t much, but it was definitely there. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as this photo I encountered in my research:

bloody chicken stool

For the next whole hour, I sit and watched diligently for anyone to poop. Normally, during any given hour, each chick will poop approximately 973,000 times. During this hour, exactly two chicks pooped; it’s as if they knew.
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Homemade Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Recipe

One of my biggest weaknesses is ice cream; I love it. Fruity, chocolaty, nutty, plain old vanilla – sign me up, man.

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Yogurt – A Cautionary Tale

Yesterday, I wrote about how easy it is to make yogurt at home. It’s just about foolproof – unless, of course, I am the fool in question.

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Homemade Greek Yogurt

When made at home, yogurt is an incredible food. Not only is it full of outstanding nutrition, but it is teeming with beneficial bacteria, or probiotics. In our culture today, we assail our intestinal fauna will so many harmful substances, many of us are suffering from ailments related to microbial imbalances – most without even realizing that’s the case!

Yogurt, with its plentiful probiotics, is an excellent way to heal a damaged gut, or to keep a healthy one in good balance.

While organic yogurts purchased at the store are still rather healthful, it’s so easy to make our own, why not? In addition to the method outlined here, you can learn So Much More at GNOWFGLINS’ dairy ecourse.

Why should we make yogurt at home? Because we’ll know exactly what went into it – you know I’m all about that. No preservatives, no antibiotics, no gelatin, no synthetic flavoring agents, no artificial flavors or colors – just milk, and beneficial bacteria.

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A Blogging Dichotomy

Many of us in the blogging community like to talk about sustainability, shopping locally, and leading a wholesome lifestyle. We believe in what we write, and we do our best to support our local economies ourselves.

Some of us have gardens, chickens, goats, and go to extraordinary measures to lead healthy, sustainable lives.
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First Seeds In the Ground

In the garden, my largest battle every year is without a question weeds. They rule everything, relentlessly.

The first year I tried to garden, I didn’t really know much about Mulching, and lost control of the ship early on. Despite Epic Weeds, however, the crops did great that year, thanks to wonderful weather.

broccoli and carrots growing in a raised bed
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Calling Chicken Whisperers

Howdy, knowledgeable chicken folks! Lately, I’ve been seeing a behavior from Harry (the largest chick, a beautiful Buff Orpington, who is most interested in dominance.)

While she most often pecks at her cohorts’ backs or rumps to get a rise out of them, she will selectively gently peck at the sides of the beaks of some chicks. In canids, this would be considered submissive behavior, but I have no idea what to make of it with chickens.

The chick having her beak pecked doesn’t seem to mind, per se, but she also doesn’t seem to enjoy it – mostly, it elicits a stoic, tolerance reaction.

The thing which makes me question whether it’s submissive or not is this: She will often times start out pecking the beak, and then after a moment, peck that same chick’s back, neck, or rump to establish dominance.
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