Sara C. is the lucky winner of the Tropical Traditions 1 Gallon Gold Label Coconut Oil – congratulations, Sara!

I hopped over to her blog after she was randomly selected by Rafflecopter, and it’s a good read.

We’ll be having more giveaways in the coming months, so please stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck next time!

PS – Folks who don’t follow the rules are disqualified automatically. We’re giving away free stuff here, man – don’t be a jerk and try to game the system.

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Perks of Knowing Your Sources

cowsLast week, the milk from our herd share (the only legal means by which Michiganders may acquire raw milk) tasted a bit off. There was a faint, almost cheesy smell to it which became stronger as the milk aged. I pitched the last quarter-gallon into the compost, even, because it just didn’t seem right.

Today, we cracked the first half-gallon of this week’s milk, and the cheesy smell and taste were almost stomach-turning for me. My mother-in-law didn’t notice it, my father-in-law said he could detect it, and The Engineir said he really noticed it. I couldn’t finish my glass.
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Fermenting in Cold Houses

Our house is generally on the cool side, between 65 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit, in the fall through spring months. This can make fermenting projects such as kefir, kombucha, yogurt, et cetera a bit dicey, as the cultures tend to appreciate warmer temps. Fermentation slows down considerably in cooler temperatures.

Is your house the same way? Fear not, intrepid whole foodies!

How to ferment in a cool or cold home

It’s so stinking easy, and cheap to boot. Buy one of these:

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“Yer Damn Skippy” Beef Short Ribs Recipe

A reformed vegetarian has a go at low and slow

Until recently, when I thought “ribs,” I harked back to the somewhat crunchy, dry, pain-in-the-ass ribs from my childhood which had been cooked over a charcoal grill in a relatively short period of time. Gnawing the tough meat off the bone seemed like too much work for too little reward. Why bother?

Well, thank goodness for motorcycles, because on the road I learned what Real BBQ tastes like.
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Guest Post at Pantry Paratus

Howdy folks –

Some of you might be interested in the guest post I have up today over at Pantry Paratus; it’s about using all-natural cleaners around the home.

While you’re on their site, be sure to check out some of their other great posts:

Wilson and Chaya are wonderful folks, and I’m so happy to have become acquainted with them this year! Their blog posts are a pleasure to read, and their online store helps me to bulk up our food storage.

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Hey folks!

I’ve been meaning to get this giveaway up for over a month now, but had hoped to have been able to report great success with making my own soap from coconut oil in the post. However… I haven’t gotten around to it yet. >.< Shame on me!

Rather than making everyone wait around until I get off my duff, let’s just do this thing – shall we? Read more »

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It’s not uncommon for me to be utterly immobilized by having Too Much to Do. There’s easily a list of 100 things I need to be doing right now, but I have no earthly idea where to begin, and so here I am, staring at the computer screen and/or writing a blog post, alternately thinking about paths not taken and my lack of motivation to take the paths before me, however attractive they may be.

A few choice items which are currently being neglected:

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Mind-Blowing Buttermilk Ice Cream Recipe

Anyone with half an attention span has by now noticed I’ve been posting more ice cream recipes than any other food lately. Evidently, I’ve had a yearning to experiment with ice creams, but no ice cream maker. Thanks to my brother- and sister-in-law, however, that void has been filled!

homemade buttermilk ice cream topped with olive oil

Homemade buttermilk ice cream topped with olive oil

I’ll be honest; I very nearly did not share this recipe. Why? Because most folks will take one quick glance at the ingredients list and run screaming into the night.
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Yard Work 101: Wheelbarrows

Today, I tackled a project which direly needed doing: Getting the area around the raised beds by the house mulched. While my back ran out of juice before getting it entirely sorted, it’s mostly done.

What started out looking like this:

Now looks like this:
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Spicy Pickled Eggs

My lovely friend Adrienne of Whole New Mom will likely want to gag when she reads this post; like many in the whole/real foods movement, she’s so sick of reading posts about pickled this, and fermented that. Sorry, Adrienne! 🙂

one dozen brown eggs

I should preface this post by saying I have never once in my life eaten a pickled egg of any sort. In my earlier years, I was entirely put off by the three-gallon-jar-sized batches of eggs I would so often seen in family grocery stores, delis, bars, et cetera. Jars which The Community would reach into with their grubby, who-knows-what’s-on-them hands. Often, there were chunks of meat floating in the brine with the eggs. <shudder>
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