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Automating a Chicken Coop Heating System

Being the¬†conscientious¬†folks we are, we like to make sure our chickens stay warm when it’s cold. They supply us with lots of free food, so its the least [..]


Endurance Motorcycling, Endurance Eating

Yesterday morning at 6am, I left home to meet up with two motorcycling friends. We were attempting to do an Iron Butt Association certified Saddle Sore 1000 – [..]


The Right (Fermentation) Stuff

Lately, there’s been some controversy surrounding at-home fermentation and whether it’s safe. I’m not going to comment on that here, other than to say millennia of fermentation experience [..]


Velvety Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Tapioca pudding is one of those deeply satisfying comfort foods for me. It’s a bit of work, so I tend to make large batches when I do take [..]

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