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She blinded me with horseradish

Last spring, I threw four horseradish plants in next to the potato hills. They flourished, growing nearly three feet tall. “Dig in fall to prevent propagation,” the description [..]

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Maybe Ordering Seeds Will Warm Me Up…

As the flakes of snow bluster sideways, carried on the bonechilling wind outside the library here in Hartland, the old boiler cannot quite keep up with the demands [..]

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The Autumnal Garden

I have let the garden weeds run rampant for months now. While the garden continues to burst forth with greens, winter squash, pumpkins, root vegetables and a few [..]

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Pickles for Mom, Pickles for You!

My mom’s financial and health situation right now is dire. She’s at risk for losing her home and she’s already lost her career as the result of being [..]

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More tomatoes!

Yesterday, I nommed the first ripe Lollipop tomato – a yellow variety of cherry tomato – and it was amazing. Sweet, tangy, very flavorful. There was only one, [..]

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Gratuitous Garden Porn

Because I am too whipped to write much, and have a lot of photos to share. There was once a path running in betwixt these radishes and tomatoes. [..]

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Making Pickles, Part 1 of (N)

In our last episode, we saw A Giant Pile of Cucumbers. All told, it yielded about six pounds of sliced cucumber – with another 2.5 pounds left untouched. [..]

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Holy Giant Pile of Cucumbers

Today, I decided to learn how to Make Pickles. The bread and butter recipe I’m going to try calls for 2.5 pounds of cucumbers, so I sallied forth [..]

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Stuff Just Got Real. Real DELICIOUS.

Today is Mike Neir’s 31st birthday – yay! For part of the celebratoriness, I’ve harvested the first of several things from the garden. As I’ve been checking on [..]

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The Time, My How It Flies

Holy wow, people – there’s been so much I’ve wanted to share, but so little time to do it! Maintaining this garden could easily be a full-time job, [..]

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