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A Quick Recipe to Start the New Year

Yesterday at noon, it was nearly sixty degrees here on the Michigan homestead, or so sayeth the EnginNeir’s weather gadgetry. By sundown, however, it was snowing. Good times, [..]

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Rage Against the Gluten

Last weekend, I was listening to The Splendid Table, a food and cooking show on NPR. Lynn Rosetto Casper was interviewing a foodie, who discussed the joys of [..]

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Continuing the Journey of Rediscovering Simplicity

In addition to the milk in our delivery yesterday, I had requested a soft cheese-making kit. We have a bit of an overstock of milk currently, and I [..]

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The P-Diddy Post

Some five or so years back, P-Diddy made an announcement. In his mind, it was an announcement of epic proportion. For those of you who don’t know who [..]

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Pickles for Mom, Pickles for You!

My mom’s financial and health situation right now is dire. She’s at risk for losing her home and she’s already lost her career as the result of being [..]

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The Disgruntled Door-to-Door Meat Salesman

This past week, a salesman nearly had a psychotic break in our driveway. It was about 9pm this past Wednesday night and I was in my jammies, getting [..]

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Making Pickles, Part Next of (N)

The dills I made for Mike got to a point yesterday I deemed “finished.” They are salty and garlicky and pretty tasty, but not quite my thing. Three [..]

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Making Pickles, Part 2 of (N)

Because I’m new to This Canning Thing, I’m not fully equipped properly. For instance, I don’t have “a canning pot,” which is somewhat, y’know, important for the whole [..]

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Making Pickles, Part 1 of (N)

In our last episode, we saw A Giant Pile of Cucumbers. All told, it yielded about six pounds of sliced cucumber – with another 2.5 pounds left untouched. [..]

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Holy Giant Pile of Cucumbers

Today, I decided to learn how to Make Pickles. The bread and butter recipe I’m going to try calls for 2.5 pounds of cucumbers, so I sallied forth [..]

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