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Coconut Oil Review & A Giveaway!

Hi folks – For the last, oh, long time, I’ve been horribly remiss in posting much of anything useful here, as I’ve been hyper-focused elsewhere. Today, that changes. [..]

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Two Posts Homestead Geek Readers Might Like

I wrote these over on Homestead Host and thought you guys might be interested, too. They are about soaking and using sourdough to possibly overcome my gluten sensitivity.   [..]

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Grain-Free Clafouti

I am a pathological modifier of recipes. Seldom do I find a recipe I don’t tweak in one way or another, usually in the herbs and spices area. [..]

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Falling Upon the Grenade

Internet, I want you to feel you can rely on me, trust me. I want you to know I am fully willing to throw myself upon the grenades [..]

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Rage Against the Gluten

Last weekend, I was listening to The Splendid Table, a food and cooking show on NPR. Lynn Rosetto Casper was interviewing a foodie, who discussed the joys of [..]

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Mmm, Pie

We’re having a couple of friends over for dinner tonight, something we almost never do. Mike Neir and I are largely social hermits; we like the idea of [..]

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Finnish Mushroom Pie Recipe

The holidays mean two very comforting things to me – Sienipiirakka and Iz. I couldn’t just be A Normal Person and have my favorite holiday traditions be a [..]

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Vegetarian Pasties < Ass?

I’ve just put four vegetarian pasties into the oven,  and four more into the freezer. If they don’t taste like dry ass, it will be nothing short of [..]

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Basic Bread Recipes

This probably isn’t true of many quilters, but so many people haven’t ever made a loaf of bread. I hadn’t, at least not since I was terribly young, [..]

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The pecan pie I am never allowed to make again

(Chiefly because I ate pretty much the whole thing, by myself, in under 48 hours.) Best Pecan Pie I’ve Ever Made It’s good stuff, people.

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