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Do Want

So I’m in the throes of this Amanda Palmer fixation – I’ve stopped trying to fight it and have simply acknowledged that for the time being, I am [..]


Redolent with the Aroma of "Jinkies"

Fashion sense is another of those things Not Among My Finer Traits. I’ve never been any good at deciding what to wear, or looking good in what I [..]

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Dad & Janet's Quilt, & A Skirt

Tonight, we had dinner with Dad, Janet and my step-sister Emily to do our Christmas exchange. It was difficult to show them their quilt in at Applebee’s, and [..]

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After having received brilliant advice from NoPinkHere and several others regarding how to save the loungy pants, I went to it this morning with a will. I soon [..]

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Le Sigh.

I’ve been eying this tutorial for loungy pants for a couple of months now, and finally got the gumption up to try it last night. After having found [..]

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Turning a pair of jeans into a skirt. Mostly.

Subtitle: Turning one pair of jeans into an unusable pile of rags, and then turning a different pair of jeans into something resembling a skirt. I’ve been thinking [..]

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