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Mother Nature Does Not Fool Around

My little hens are now almost three and a half weeks old, and HOLY COW how they’ve grown. They look like miniature chickens! When I first met them, [..]

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11 Baby Chicks = Cute Overload + 1

When I called our hatchery today to confirm it was ok to drive the 102 miles to fetch our new little friends, they said “come on up!” Also, [..]

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Prepping for Live Nude Chick(en) Cam!

Update: Live video stream and multiple-angle stills are up! Tomorrow’ a big day here at The Unlikely Homestead – I’m going to head out to Zeeland, and pick [..]

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Whatever Shall We Do, Wherever Shall We Go?

For over a year, we’ve been buying our milk through a “herd share,” which, thanks to anti-food-sovereignty legislation (you could say it’s health and safety legislation, but that’s [..]

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The Chickens Are Coming!

We’ve had three days in the 50’s now – the sun has been out, and the vast swaths of snow are melting away. As much as I have [..]

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Spring Wants to Come

I can feel it. I spent a good half hour out on the sun-warmed deck this afternoon, basking. It’s our fourth or fifth gorgeous, warm sunny day here [..]

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Books, NPR & Short-Term Plans

Busy busy busy! It’s all exciting stuff, though, that should keep me pretty well engaged. Having largely divorced myself from the online video game that was eating my [..]

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And This is Why We Ask Questions

Armed with a charming demeanor and my zoning regulation printouts, I stormed the Township Hall this afternoon. Of course, by “stormed,” I mean I walked in and politely [..]

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Impede me at your peril.

Over the last few months, I’ve developed a passion for nesting/homesteading rivaled only by a Pentecostal with a snake-bite kit. Everything about being more self-sufficient and environmentally friendly [..]

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