A Rhubarb Bed in 2 Hours

Somewhere, in front of this fence, lurking behind all that grass and weeds, are two Victoria rhubarb plants. Can you make them out?

Due to terrible initial planning when I put those little guys in there two years ago, the lawn overran them entirely. There was also a small asparagus bed to the right of the rhubarb.

I decided to rectify the situation today, since our weather is positively groovy.

Two hours of digging up grass, rhizomes, dirt, asparagus crowns. Of putting down landscaping cloth cut around the plants. Of putting three more rhubarb plants into the ground (plants which I may have bought last spring and never got around to planting, ahem.) Of shoveling woodchip mulch to cover the landscape fabric.

For the record, my back does not enjoy shoveling in the slightest.

But here’s the end result:

It looks a damn sight better, if slightly asymmetrical. I suspect two more plants will go in there this year, though, to balance things out. The grass had sucked away a lot of nutrients from the poor, embattled rhubarb plants, you’d never know this is their third year. I likely won’t harvest any stems to let them catch up a bit.

Grasses are a wily adversary; I’m certain they’ll find a way through the fabric and the mulch, somehow, so I’ll be adding some edging to help keep it all out.

And now, to make some sauerkraut with apple chicken sausages, using the homemade kraut that I just recently called “finished” because I was tired of waiting. Later? A long, long bath, and some good reading.

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