It’s Awesome to Shop Locally

In addition to being the right thing to do for our local economies, it’s just plain good sense and good fun to see, touch and get a good feel for the things we want to buy.

I’ve got a post in the works about a fantastic local yarn shop, and here’s a peek of what’s inside.

Incidentally, that brown and blue hat hanging there? I bought the pattern for it, and I’m about to light it on fire because I cannot for the life of me get it started.

“Using DPN’s,” it begins innocently enough, “cast on 4 stitches. Place one stitch on each of 4 needles, join to work in the round.”

Sounds easy, right? Ha. Not for this newb. I don’t know what sort of cast-on to do, nor how to keep the 4 stinking needles from falling out of one lonely little stitch.

But the cool thing is, because I bought the pattern, needles and yarn locally, I can go back to the store and ask for help! I am certain the very helpful ladies there, who have been knitting for a.) longer than I’ve been alive, or b.) their entire lives, even if they’re younger than I am, will find this laughably easy and will be able to explain it to me.

What fun is shopping for yarn online? You can’t touch it, fondle it, run it through your fingers… hell, you can’t even know for certain exactly what color it is, due to the vagaries of the camera taking the photo and the color settings on your monitor.

Online might be cheaper sometimes, but that’s not necessarily “better.”, Inc

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4 responses to It’s Awesome to Shop Locally

  1. Wow I wish we had a neat shop like that here.
    No kidding, I was looking at using that Amazon gift card for some crochet needles and yarn. Being a newbie myself, I heard crocheting is easier to learn than knitting…I would love to have someone to teach me, being a visual learner.
    As for local, it just makes sense! ;o)

  2. Erin D.

    Hi there!

    I’m actually working on a blog post about that very dichotomy in my life – supporting local businesses, yet being an affiliate for online businesses like Amazon.

    As for the fiber arts, I’ve not yet mastered crocheting myself, although I did get a personal lesson from a dear friend. For me YouTube is a vault of endless instruction! There are some really great tutorials out there.

    For me, learning to knit/crochet using diagrams or photos is just impossible. Videos make it a bit easier. 🙂

    My friend Nancy surely makes crocheting look super-fast and super-easy – I think I’m just getting in my own way, really.

    I hope you find something great to spend the card on! 🙂

  3. Juli

    I used to wrap rubber bands on the end of the knitting needles to hold them in the stitches until they had enough body to stay themselves.

  4. Erin D.

    A new friend who was trying to teach me how to knit a top-down hat on DPN’s does the same thing! I just can’t quite manage it yet with my gimpy left hand and total inexperience. She gave me another pattern to try, and I’ll give that one a shot before I abandon all hope. 😉

    Thanks for the tip!

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