The Birth of Two eBooks


My friend The Marvelous Millie at Real Food for Less Money is offering a free (free!) eBook when you sign up for her newsletter. “Oh no,” you might say; “another┬ánewsletter? I’ve already got more than I can eat.” Trust me – Millie’s is well worth it. In the short time I’ve known her, she has radically transformed how I prepare food, and I still have so much to learn. I’ve read her new ebook, and it’s wonderful. It gives readers the basic tools needed to really do outstanding things in the kitchen with real foods on a tight budget.

Tomorrow (Monday) marks the launch of my friend Jill at The Prairie Homestead’s new ebook, too! Hers is designed to help our inner homesteaders get started regardless of where we might be. It’s called Your Custom Homestead, and I can’t wait to read it tomorrow! Jill is a great go-to source for all things homesteady, and I’m certain this book will be fantastic. Also be sure to check her blog regularly, as each post is a gem.From the main page, you can trade a Tweet or Facebook post for a free chapter to test-drive the book (which is only $4.99.)

I truly adore both of these ladies; they have both inspired me on this homesteady path, and I hope you’ll support them as they work to help all of us toward healthier, more sustainable lives.

Oh, wait – here’s one more! Adrienne at Whole New Mom also offers a free ebook when you sign up for her email list. I just signed up myself, and can’t wait to see what goodness lies inside., Inc

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