Grain-Free Clafouti

I am a pathological modifier of recipes. Seldom do I find a recipe I don’t tweak in one way or another, usually in the herbs and spices area. This morning, however, I did a darned good job of sticking to Mille’s Grain-Free Clafouti recipe. The only bit I switched was to use half buttermilk and half whole raw milk, because I have buttermilk that needs using.

The recipe seemed like it wanted cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, maybe some cloves… things you might put into breakfasty dishes. But I trust Millie, and I had no idea what clafouti should taste like, so I left it largely alone.

Prep time took less than 15 minutes, including stopping to take photos – a huge perk for mornings when I’m feeling sluggish.

I had organic apples and pears in the fridge, and could choose between them, so I sliced up one of each.

Next, I grabbed 4 eggs from my girls, taking pleasure in the pretty speckled brown shells, and the deep golden yellow of the yolks as I whisked them with the coconut flour.


After adding the vanilla and sugar, I poured the egg mixture over the fruit, popped it into the oven and began the relatively short wait for my breakfast.





About 25 minutes later, I wasn’t sure if it was done, but I didn’t want to risk drying it out too much. It smelled wonderful – vanilla with fruity undertones. Mmm, right up my alley!




The end result is delicious – a delectable cross between custard and some kind of fruity frittata.

I have a singular ability to take unappetizing photos of food – please don’t hold that against the recipe – it’s quick, it’s easy, and with organic products, it’s even healthy. This is absolutely going into my breakfast rotation! I do believe I’ll try adding some spices, but I can see how that might not work out well – tasty experimentation ahead.

For the complete recipe, visit Millie’s site, Real Food for Less Money.

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