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Personal Blog Monetization Boot Camp

Homestead Host is having an intensive 5-day boot camp on how to monetize a personal blog or website. It’s got a lot of dense but useful information. And [..]


11 Baby Chicks = Cute Overload + 1

When I called our hatchery today to confirm it was ok to drive the 102 miles to fetch our new little friends, they said “come on up!” Also, [..]

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Prepping for Live Nude Chick(en) Cam!

Update: Live video stream and multiple-angle stills are up! Tomorrow’ a big day here at The Unlikely Homestead – I’m going to head out to Zeeland, and pick [..]

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The Mostly-Organic Compost Pile

When I began this homestead-oriented journey back in 2009, one of the first things I did was to start a compost pile… of sorts. The previous owners of [..]

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Theme Switch-Up

If you notice Homestead Geek having a bit of an identity crisis today, don’t worry – I’m just playing around with some new themes. Much like rearranging the [..]

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It’s Awesome to Shop Locally

In addition to being the right thing to do for our local economies, it’s just plain good sense and good fun to see, touch and get a good [..]

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And the winner is!

Actually, I should say, “and the winners ARE,” because a good friend of mine won the first drawing. I don’t want to have any appearance of impropriety, so [..]

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The Birth of Two eBooks

  My friend The Marvelous Millie at Real Food for Less Money is offering a free (free!) eBook when you sign up for her newsletter. “Oh no,” you [..]

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No Solar Leasing in Michigan?

This seriously burns my biscuits. Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about this incredibly good idea called Solar Leasing. In a nutshell, it’s renting solar panels. This alleviates [..]

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Interview on Real Food for Less Money

Hi Folks – There are still a few days left to keep earning entries in our $25 Amazon gift card giveaway – don’t forget to keep racking them [..]

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