Quite Possibly the Most Productive 1/10 Acre – EVER.

Dear Food-Conscious People –

My friend Aaron posted this link to Facebook last night, and it blew me the heck away. Seriously.

Before I present the video, a word of warning – the guy speaking is Really, Really Annoying. I actually had to mute him partway through the video, because he so grated my nerves. It’s not that what he was saying was wrong, or silly… it’s all in the presentation. You’ll see what I mean (fun drinking game – take a shot every time he says the word, “resources.”)

I’m very glad he’s sharing the information and so excited about what he’s doing. I just kind of wish he was… mmmm…. well, different. 🙂

But push the mute button if you must, and look at his freaking garden. It is nothing short of utterly flabbergasting.

And it’s given me some really great ideas for this year’s garden here, too. Like trellising my squash and watermelon. Like packing my raised beds waayyy fuller than they currently are. Like planting more fruit trees. Like remembering I forgot to plant any bok choy.

This man is a bona fide Inspiration.

Does this give you thoughts that just won’t quit? It kept me awake for considerable time last night.

Got any “using every square inch of space” tips you’re willing to share?


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  1. He has tons of videos on YouTube and I mean tons! He seems like a really nice guy who’s willing to share what he knows (he also sells juicers).

    • Erin D.

      Oh, indeed – he does seem really, really nice… I just couldn’t listen to him go on and on last night. 🙂 I’m so glad there are people like him out there, though, ready, willing and able to share their knowledge!

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