A Pendulum, C’est Moi

Finding The Happy Medium for me has never been an easy thing.

Last year, there was much unused space in the garden, because I planted everything Terribly Close Together, like so:

That didn’t work out very well, and resulted in rows like this:

This year, my rows might still be a touch on the close side, but the individual plants are s p a c e d  o u t. This is often how I go about my life – starting out all the way to one side, wildly swinging over to the other, and gradually working my way toward the rational middle ground with each pass.

An unexpected plot twist is that almost a full half of the existing garden space is full of brassica variants: Broccoli, cauliflower, mustards, cabbage, collards, kale, kohlrabi. Where are all the tomatoes going? What about the peppers, the squash? Gah!

I realized I’m going to need to squeak every little bit of space out of this garden, making it work for us as hard as it can. Thankfully, Dad loaned us his monster Dodge Ram and tomorrow we’re going to buy three or four more raised beds’ worth of lumber and topsoil, and we’re expanding the garden to include an area right off the deck. \o/

There, I envision beds of greens, carrots, strawberries, herbs and possibly tomatoes.

Meanwhile, a few shots from today’s stormy, rainy, crappy day, during which I got a whole raised bed filled with cauliflower and a long row of broccoli deposited.


Please ignore the clutter and admire the nestled-in broccoli all along the left side there. Thanks.


Future broccoli goodness


Early prolific straightneck squash

Volunteer radishes from last year's crop

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3 responses to A Pendulum, C’est Moi

  1. Meg

    I had to laugh. I did the same thing. I thought, “I’d get more if I planted them close together!” Holy moly, did you get a mess! 🙂 I just gave up on mine. But am doing a LITTLE better on the spacing. Still not what is “recommended” on the packages.

    The garden looks like it’s starting off well! Congrats! I cant wait to see the progress throughout the season!

  2. I, too, planted a few gardens like that. If only I had taken photos of the tomato jungle….

  3. It’s looks like it’s a great start!

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