*Now* it feels like spring, man.


Given the brutality of this recent winter in Michigan, I have been afraid to give in to the “ah, it’s finally spring” feeling that’s been poking its head up these last two weeks.

The weather has gone completely cattywampus over the years, resulting in very unstable weather patterns in these parts. We had stretches in January where we didn’t see double-digit temperatures for over a week. Not unusual in some parts of the world, but very unusual here.

We’ve had so much rain the last month, the vernal ponds are bigger than I’ve ever seen them. We had water in the basement for a few days, but now, after nearly a week of no precipitation, the lawn doesn’t squish as I walk across it.

What’s really convincing me, though, is that there are volunteer lettuces coming up in the herb bed and my seedlings are living outside. \o/

I’ve got baby lettuces in one of our new raised beds. Most of the seedlings have been sitting out on the deck for the last two days, soaking up the sun and getting their legs under them before going out into The Big Garden all by themselves.

Most of them are showing the signs of my hanging the grow lights too high – they’re leggy and a bit spindly. Next year, I will get that part right and hang them lower at the outset.

Nights are still cool here in the mitten, but not so cold as to kill collards, lettuces, kale and so forth, so in the next day or two, out they go!

These are stressful times for me, personally, trying to look after the mother I can barely stand, realizing she will likely never recover and will require care for the rest of her life, wrestling with insurance companies trying the money that is owed her, filling out endless forms for a thousand different agencies… it’s difficult.

On top of that, another chicken was killed two days after Henry’s demise, in the same gruesome fashion. We’ve beefed up security and are locking the girls in their house at dusk now to keep them safe, but it pains me to see Henry and Chickenhead missing. I’m so grateful Gia, Cricket and Nox are still here, but the coop seems a little bit empty without their sisters.

Today, though, I didn’t think of those things – much. Instead, I worked on getting a raised bed filled with dirt and compost, visiting with my friend Josh in the warm afternoon sun, working on other odds and ends in the yard, playing with the dogs, checking a few neglected to-do items off my list.

It truly was a perfect day, and a lovely weekend on the whole.


How I love it.

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5 responses to *Now* it feels like spring, man.

  1. I know it’s Spring because of my allergies 😉

  2. Michigan Heather

    I love and agree with everything about your post…except that I recall my first winter in Michigan (back in 94) that January was below 0 for most of the month. Hell, I swear it was -20 for most of the month. I think we finally broke freezing in late February. I have never been so cold in my life. Massachusetts had never been that cold.

    So, I would argue that these extremes have been around a while!

  3. I think it’s safe to finally admit it’s spring 🙂 Sorry about loosing another chicken! Happy gardening.

  4. Meg

    Great pictures. We are in the same boat.
    I wish my garden didnt have any weeds like yours! 🙂 Beautiful raised beds.

  5. Erin D.

    Thanks, all. 🙂

    Meg, I wish my garden didn’t have any weeds, either! Oh my goodness, it’s chock-full of ’em. Especially crab grass, my own personal nemesis. 😉

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