Optimistic Friday

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It’s a beautiful day out. I don’t want to talk about how Chickenhead was also killed night before last, or how The Engineir very thoughtfully tried to protect me from seeing her ravaged body by burying her before I woke up, or how I had to see it for myself to see if there were any other clues so we dug her back up again only to find no additional insights.

I don’t want to talk about the process of finding a retirement home for my mother, aged 61, whose mental capacity continues to decline since we cannot get her proper treatment.

No. All of that is too sad for this pretty, pretty day.

Let us talk of happier things, shall we?

Several of our neighbors have art on this tour, and we’ll be doing this tomorrow:

One of the artists’ studios is in a home I have coveted since I first laid eyes upon it. It’s about 100 yards from our house, and is this fantastic, wonderful, gorgeous old farm property that’s very well-kept. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it’s like inside, as well as meeting our neighbors there (finally.)

Another artist on the tour lives directly behind us, and told Mike yesterday he frequently has mink in his water garden (a likely culprit for the chicken murderers.) Those folks are really nice people, whom I met a year ago exactly when Bell ran off for about an hour.

More items on the “yay” list for today: This was waiting for me in our mailbox today:

It’s only been a short time since I brought the crack vanilla beans into the house, and already the downstairs is infused with their olfactory charms. I cannot wait to make my own vanilla extract (although I’ll have to wait 6 months to use it,) vanilla sugar (at least two months before I can use that,) and other vanilla-y concoctions with these perfect, gorgeous beans.

Also in the “plus” column, three bags of groceries from Horrock’s for only $50, including a tortilla press and a bag of apples with which to make applesauce.

I’ve never made my own tortillas before, so this could get interesting. An old friend from high school told me they were on sale at Horrock’s, which was as good an excuse as any to make the trek over there. I cannot for the life of me fathom why I don’t go there more often (it’s the trek, but it’s worth it.)

It’s not often I can get three bags of organic groceries for fifty bucks or less, so I’ll take it. That includes the press and two large containers of spices (paprika and dark chili powder.)

I am looking forward to the weekend, and hope I will have time to plant some cold-weather-hardy seedlings in the raised beds, like chard, collards and kale. The peas I planted outside a few days ago are still struggling to get their feet under them – whose stupid idea was it to start them inside anyhow? Oh, right. >.<

The beans are still inside, out of control and may not survive til the weather warms sufficiently. I hear the chill will be hanging with us for considerable time, possibly until June. This makes me Very Cranky.


Today, today, this evening, I am being OPTIMISTIC (dammit.)

I am going to soak beans. I am going to make these yummy-sounding black bean brownies (not related to the soaking.) I am going to ask The Engineir to grill us up a flank steak tonight to put on our homemade corn tortillas for a street-taco-esque dinner tonight.

Tomorrow, we’re going to go to Van Atta’s, and I really hope to find a nice magnolia tree. They’re in bloom right now and they are so, so beautiful. Having one (or three, or five) here would be peachy.

So. This is me, enjoying the evening and going downstairs to make the tortillas and to get the applesauce started.

Wish me luck!

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3 responses to Optimistic Friday

  1. Mel

    Unless there’s a freak accident, we should be done with frost for the season. Which is why I spent the last two days digging out last year’s gravelike mounds and the perennial beds behind them, putting in proper raised bed frames, and planting them. I now have one perennial herb bed, one bed of sugar snap peas, one of compact bush cukes, and one of similarly compact zucchini. South-facing and against the house, so I expect hope they’ll all take off pretty quickly.

  2. Erin D.

    Nice! I’m going to put out peas, lettuce, kale, mustard, collards, chard and cabbage tomorrow – at least, that’s the plan. 🙂

  3. Stacey

    I want a Magnolia tree so badly-so beautiful!! This girl is jealous!

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