Oh – It’s spinach!

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Everyone who is not a garden geek, please ignore the entirety of this post. Seriously, not worth the time.

Ok, is it just us nerds in here? The ones who get a little too excited about plants? Good, I’ll feel much safer with only people who understand.

When I planted one of the flats a few weeks ago, I did not label the compartments. I was sufficiently confident in my ability to discern the plants when the time came for planting them outside, I didn’t feel the need.

Oh, silly, silly me.

When these little dudes came up, I could not figure out what they were for the life of me. They are incredibly distinct, but I was bereft of clues (sorry about the blur:)


Today, finally, I took a good look at the newly-sprouted true leaves and realized exactly what they are.



Of course – spinach. I didn’t sprout those inside last year, and indeed, barely paid attention to them outside (which led to them getting utterly choked out by weeds.) Now I know.

Most of the seedlings are doing really well. I’m very pleased with both styles of capillary mat planters, as well as the Burpee Eco-Friendly, compostable one. They make watering swift and easy, and keep the plants sufficiently watered for days at a time. They’re really amazing.  In fact, the seedlings in these planters are out-pacing those in regular fiber pots by an order of magnitude – but that may be simply due to the types of plants.

The beans… are out of control.

It was probably a terrible idea to start them inside – especially the pole beans. Oy. Next year, no.

They still amaze me with their process, though. They root, and lift the bean itself out of the ground. Once aloft, it splits in two and two leaves emerge. This is the only Fordhook  Lima plant that has sprouted thus far, and it’s getting ready to split. It reminds me of Audrey II, and I hear “feed me, Seymour” in my head when I’m looking at it.

Once the leaves emerge, the bean provides nutrients and gradually shrivels away until it’s absorbed.

The lettuces are also going bananas:


I had to chuckle a little as I was labeling this photo in Flickr – lettuce, mustard, onion… hamburgers, anyone?

All of the greens are doing extraordinarily well.

The tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and melons are coming along sloowwwwly, but some of the true leaves on the melons and cukes are starting to appear:

The peas are out in the sunroom, ready to be transplanted as soon as I get my chubby butt back out to the garden and hoe up a space for the trellis. Dad and Janet assure me they don’t care if it frosts again. The beans may have to join them soon, before they get all tangled up and completely leggy.

Fortunately, I still have bean seeds left over for most if not all the varieties. I’ll probably plop some in the ground soon – if this stinking rain ever subsides.

We’re paying a guy $50 this year to come till the garden with his garden tractor. It’ll save us a huge amount of time, effort and kidney discomfort. Trouble is, he can’t come do it til the ground dries out – and our yard squishes right now when traversed. Alas.

At any rate, the weekly Garden Porn. 🙂 The whole photo set of this year’s seedlings/garden is here: 2011 Garden




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  1. Your seedlings look awesome! Love the pics. I just stumbled across your blog- enjoying looking around and the name is great! 🙂 Keep up the good work.

  2. Erin D.

    Thanks, Jill! I’m going over to have a look at your blog right now. 🙂

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