Quality Time with the Chickens

There are few minor woes that can’t be cured by spending some time outside with the dogs and the chickens. A couple of days ago, I spent an hour in there with the five girls, piling up dead plants from last year, cleaning out their water, and generally socializing.

Here is a 2-minute video of Henry taking a dirt bath, while her sisters systematically destroy the only remaining green plants in their enclosure. Alas.

Henry in the dirt

After watching her, I couldn’t resist picking her up for some chicken cuddling. Hear how much she enjoyed this process (hint: not in the slightest.)

Protesting Henry

You’ll need Quicktime or a similar player to view the video and to hear the audio file.

Lastly, I leave you with one of my new favorite chicken photos, also of Henry:


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2 responses to Quality Time with the Chickens

  1. Julia

    Is Henry named after the chicken in one of the Oz books? Oh, I hope so!

  2. -B

    After spending years at my grandparents farm, I imagine “chicken cuddling” is not high on their top ten list of things they love. 😉

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