“Snowmageddon?” Don’t be ridiculous.

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I love inclement weather.

It tickles all my happy emotional places, reminds me of childhood snow storms, imbues regular life with a sense of adventure. I miss snow like the stuff shown in this photo of a person I do not know:

I love the way everything hunkers down in a storm, I love the anticipation as we wait for it to strike. I love feeling its imminent presence 200 miles away, imagining it coming closer and what it will be like.

Mostly, though, I love the way people behave toward each other during massive snow storms and other bad weather events. People are nicer. They help each other out. They go out of their ways to be pleasant and generous.

If more of us would act every day the way we do in times of “crisis,” the world would assuredly be a better place.

I cannot wait for the seven to fifteen inches of snow accumulation in the next 24 hours, and I desperately hope it doesn’t peter out and drop a mere three to five. I want a paid snow day! I want to luxuriate in a warm house on a blustery, blizzardy day.

This storm currently stretches two thousand miles. That’s amazing! And wonderful. And awesome and I love it.

We keep saying, “we should get a generator,” and yet we have not. Thus, the back of my car is full of wood for the fireplace, just in case the power goes out. The Nook is charging. We have plenty of food and water, and the chicken coop is as bundled up as it’s going to get.

A completely terrible photo of forty bucks' worth of wood

All that said, I think it’s silly how some folks are getting nervous and almost panicky about a storm like this. It is not the end of the world – it’s a snow storm. It may keep a bunch of us at home for a day, maybe two if we’re lucky, while the under-staffed road crew plows us out. It’s going to be ok.

The winds are really starting to whip up here on the modern homestead, a few flakes are tumbling from the sky, precursors of what I hope will be zillions more.

Everyone get cozy! Stay warm, be safe, and appreciate the power of nature. Have some soup. Build a fire if you can. Wear some fuzzy slippers, put on a nice warm sweater. Bask. Be thankful you have a home that shelters you. Remember those who do not.

Knit, read or indulge yourself in some other hobby you don’t make enough time for.

This is winter. Glow.

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6 responses to “Snowmageddon?” Don’t be ridiculous.

  1. I completely understand what you mean about people going wonkers over this storm. I went to Meijer last night to grab a few things to eat for the night and HOLY CRAP. Bad idea. There must have been 700+ people there. Every lane had at least 6 – 8 people in line and waiting (self scan lines were 10+) – Almost all of the lanes were open and still, nothing was moving.

    I ended up standing there for around 15 minutes in the self checkout line until I finally got to check out. It was just crazy. Tons of people stocking up on food and booze like it is the end of the world. It is JUST SNOW. It will be over in less than a day, deal with it.

    We have about the same weather here (expected since you only live ~5 miles away :D). Be safe if you have to go anywhere tomorrow!

  2. People don’t believe me at times when I talk about “the blizzard of 78”. Really…those of us who have experienced a truly epic snow storm, hunger for more. I, like you, hope this may finally be it.

  3. Eh, I can understand stocking up on booze if one doesn’t see oneself wanting to leave the house the next day.

  4. Trey Gorden

    I love it! We’re getting the ragged edges of awesome here. I’m hoping for another snow day tomorrow.

  5. Michigan Heather

    In our blizzard of 78 we lost electricity for 5 days. Fun? Not so much, for me. We lost power all the time growing up, often for days at a time. I’ve had my taste of that for life.
    I’m not really excited about this storm, but I’m also not that scared of it…

  6. Chai Chai

    I was looking at the picture of your small town and would like to ask if the schools mascot is the Hornets? I have seen that hometown before and it is mine as well!

    I too love storms, I remember the blizzard of 78 and we were trapped for days. WE had to dig a tunnel to get out the front door.

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