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The Beetle Battle

I go on and on about this on Twitter, so I’m sure those who follow the airynd Twitter account are sick of it, but I tell you what, [..]

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The Time, My How It Flies

Holy wow, people – there’s been so much I’ve wanted to share, but so little time to do it! Maintaining this garden could easily be a full-time job, [..]

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Quick Peek at the Girls

They’re all doing well. 🙂 Gia: Cricket: Henry: Nox: Chickenhead: I still haven’t managed to get a good chicken arabesque photo. If we don’t get a proper coop [..]

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More Photos

I love these tiny, perfect little tomatoes: Bronze arrow lettuce: The cosmo romaine lettuce is starting to head up: Bunch o’radishes: Overview: Burpless cukes, now flowering: Yukon potato [..]

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A Quick Garden Tour

The state of the growy-things, at least as of a few days ago. [EDIT: Ok, I went and took new photos tonight to emphasize the insane growth. There [..]

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Held in Contempt?

Short rant without much of a point. Whenever I hear the term, “farmer’s tan,” it’s never with a tone of admiration, humbleness, respect or gratitude. Rather, it is [..]

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An Invasion of the Right Sort

Yesterday, Benny posted this on Twitter and Facebook after seeing the state of the garden: “So, this may sound a little odd but… I kinda want to go [..]

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Unamused Henry is Unamused

It’s not that she hates the world – she just has no use for anything that is not food. Which the camera isn’t.

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I knew it would happen – only a matter of time, really. CRITTERS IN MY GARDEN! Thursday, I found animal tracks (looked like the fox, and perhaps a [..]

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Big Dreams, Medium-Sized Reality

A little over a week ago or so, when I was planting peas (late, yes,) Mike Neir came into the garden and sat with me awhile. “Is it [..]

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