These were not here when I left this morning. If I sit and watch them, I swear I can see them growing taller by the minute.

To me, this is nothing short of magic.


Both kinds of kale and one of the cabbages are coming up gangbusters, and two cucumber plants are popping up. It’s only been three days – pretty stinking cool.

I understand I’m supposed to cut the weaker seedlings off at the base of the stem after they establish themselves a bit, but that surely does seem like a waste. Maybe I’ll get more flats and see if they’ll withstand transplanting.

The “biggest” cucumber plant still has the seed case over its leaves.

The peppers are supposed to be hot and dry, so I’ve rigged up the chicks’ future heat lamp over the pepper tray, which stays on 24/7. I’m turning the full-spectrum lights on when I get up in the morning at 7, and turning them off when I go to bed around 10.  When the full-spectrum lights come on, so do a few ceiling-mounted heat lamps that were already there.

It’s all pretty high-tech – a door laid across three saw horses with shop lamps hung from chains. Mike’s guitar room came with mirrored walls, and he suggested mounting them on the wall behind the table for maximum light reflection, since we’re a bit shy on lamp space – that may be worth looking into.

I hadn’t expected such instant gratification – I figured I’d have to wait at least a week for any visible signs of life. Pretty nifty!

Also, I need a macro lens.

As tempting as it is to take a book down there and read and watch and read and watch… other items beckon.

But I’m definitely going to check on those little guys before bed to see what amazing stuff has happened in the four preceding hours. 🙂

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