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I haven’t responded to anyone’s comments in a good month, at least. I’m sorry, that’s just terrible form. Haven’t been reading my Google Reader in a week, either, so I’ve not kept up with anyone else.

Truth is, I’m just exhausted most of the time. It’s this big, long, meeehhhhh punctuated by infrequent bursts of energy and enthusiasm. It’s hard to find the energy to do much of anything.

To those of you who’ve taken the time to leave comments but haven’t received a response – I’m so sorry for being impolite. I will get this taken care of soon.

Next week, I should be moving into a new job at work that will be less stressful – I think. I’m moving to the monitoring team, whose job it is to make sure all servers are up and running, and if they are not, fix them. There will be stress, but it will be of a short-term/burst nature, more of an OMG FIX THIS URGENT ISSUE NOW, as opposed to the oozing, long-term, emotionally draining full-on support I’ve been doing.

I’m a bit sad to be leaving the Enterprise team and my favorite customers, especially since we now have our very own supervisor looking after us – things will assuredly improve. However, I’ve done many years of computer support,  two of them at my current place of employ, and I am Le Burned Out. Knowing there’s a light at the end of this particular tunnel makes my days much more bearable.

I hope once my insides purge the toxins and recalibrate, and once I get into the swing of the new job, things will take a turn for the better. Plus, spring is coming! I have to find the energy to get all this Outside Stuff done, right?

In the meantime, I made this for dessert tonight (recipe pointed out by Barbara) and it was quite good:

Double-chocolate torte (I left off the orange)

Tomorrow, I’m hauling wooden pallets, perhaps buying lumber, clearing out space in the garage for the chick enclosure, and possibly building the enclosure itself. Also, I might make these: French chocolate/raspberry macaroons. For some reason, I’d always thought macaroons were those odd little coconut cookies, and I wasn’t ever wild about them. With The Giant Macaroon Craze sweeping the world right now, I figured I’d better at least Google a recipe to make sure what I’m actually missing is what I think I’m missing. Well, it’s not. And they’re even gluten-free. And I have almond flour. Score!

Of course, I have that tart to dispose of first… but I bet I could pawn some off, somewhere.

Gardener's Supply Company - Deal of the Week

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    • Erin

      I am, I’m sorry – I’ve been avoiding sitting down and paying attention to my blogs for fear of just endlessly WHINING and carrying on about woe is me, poor frickin’ me, et cetera… and haven’t really had the energy for it. Thanks very much for your concern!

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