Spring Wants to Come


I can feel it.

I spent a good half hour out on the sun-warmed deck this afternoon, basking. It’s our fourth or fifth gorgeous, warm sunny day here in Michigan, the sort that makes me start getting itchy for spring. Winter is one of my favorite times when it comes with great amounts of snow, and I have enjoyed this last bout we’ve had with snow immensely. Now, however, I’m ready to move along. Yesterday, I ordered all of our seeds – a bit too late, as a dozen varieties were sold out, alas – and now my thoughts won’t stay out of the garden for even a moment. Do I really need to get seedlings started inside, and if so, how much do those seedling lighting thingies cost? How much will the lumber for the beds cost? What are the best poles, trellises and tomato cages? Where am I going to find the time to weed and tend everything? When are we going to be able to till? What’s the best place to buy composted manure? So much to do!

Spending long moments gazing at the future chicken coop, wondering if 40′ x 40′ might be enough for four or five chickens, would it be worth it to tear out one existing fence side to expand, oh probably because we have to do so much additional fencing to make it secure for the girls anyhow, and could we possibly modify the existing huge dog house for their use, especially saving the shingled roof, or would it be easier to start from scratch? Where am I going to put the raised beds in the yard, how big should they be? Will they get enough sun there, or should they go over there?

I never had any idea I’d get into gardening like this. Of course, I never expected to sew, quilt, knit or any of these other things I’ve been doing lately that make me happy. It’s all a series of pleasant surprises. In my mind, I always kind of figured my main hobbies would be motorcycling, writing and photography, with as many airplanes thrown in as I would be fortunate enough to find, and some reading to round things off. Movies, now and then.

But here I sit, surrounded by fabric and knitting needles and half-done projects begging to be finished. Scanner that I am, I have to round-robin these things.

And while I do them, I am dreaming of spring…

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