Mm, Sweet Molasses


That’s the name of the color – “Sweet Molasses.”

I am in love with this color.

As Mike was helping me put up the ceiling tape, he remarked it looked a lot like molten chocolate. I’d had that same thought myself numerous times, wondering if it would be as delicious as it looked. I reckoned not.

Here’s the thing, though – it’s pretty much the exact same color I imagined my chocolate pudding should have been. The chocolate pudding which stubbornly refused to set up.

Ordinarily, I would not recommend making home decorating decisions based on a failed dessert recipe; however, in this case, it seems to have worked smashingly. It’s like being surrounded by delicious pudding. Mmm, pudding.

After he’d been putting tape on the stinking ceiling for about 20 minutes or so, Mike Neir (reknowned for being pretty damned smart) had a brilliant idea – why not put up ceiling trim and avoid this nonsense altogether? Whoa. Indeed!

Off we went to Home Depot and picked some up. I’ll need to spray paint it and nail it up, but heck – sure as hell beats putting tape on the ceiling and then edging it. I think. It should look quite nice, too, when everything is said and done. This is me, hoping white accents don’t badly clash with the shower curtain and accent pieces I’ve picked up. Post-HD, we went to the Mongolian BBQ place next door, where I became briefly annoyed the delicious flour tortillas are now forbidden, but discovered the brown and fried rice are pretty good sans tortilla (perhaps “sin tortilla” is more appropriate here (a propros? (Someone stop me before I nest another parenthetical phrase!!)))

I realized belatedly there could easily have been gluten in the peanut sauce, le sigh. I’ll figure these things out. Then we went to Coldstone Creamery, and if there is gluten in coffee ice cream, I don’t want to hear about it right now.

Tempted to curl up and take a nap post-feast, I went back at the bathroom still holding the “by Sunday” vision in mind. The spray paint may not fit into that picture; it’s sunny out, but all of about 15 degrees currently.

We found quite a treasure when we pulled the toilet up: The original flooring!

We also discovered the flange was deteriorating quite badly and needed replacing, anyhow. But seriously – can you guess approximately what year the house was built? I bet you can.

For a few days, we have a toilet at the top of our stairs (until we find the over-the-toilet hutch to go in there, which will probably be easier to install without the toilet present.)

I have to say, the space the toilet being gone frees up is very nice. It would allow for quite a Tub Expansion. We have two other toilets… we could plug the hole, apply a new tub… someday.

Please pretend my carpets have been vacuumed in this century. Thanks, I really appreciate the extra effort on your part.

Also, please ignore the ad hoc bathroom that is now in the hallway (she said, foisting it upon you:)

Seriously, there’s a vacuum right there; seems like I’d know how to use it. In my defense, we only got it working properly today. I swear! Having a husky mix can kill even the mightiest of pet hair vacuum cleaners.

Speaking of today, it is the day I realized how much time I wasted by not simply getting out the paint roller from the very beginning. It took probably less than an hour to get all of the second coat down avec roller. Sure, it’s messy, but wowsers it’s fast. I’ve painted a few rooms in my time, but this one was so small, it just seemed the roller might be, I don’t know, excessive.

It wasn’t. Write that down.

Incidentally, I don’t drink a lot of beer and olive oil in the tub – those are the bottles we use to partially fill the toilet tank so it uses less water per flush.

Here’s another thing to write down – don’t do the final clean-up until the last coat dries an there are no problems to go back and correct. As soon as the water hit the roller, I realized I had just insured some colossal screw-up, which would reveal itself in a few hours. We shall see.

Should you wish to renovate your own bathroom, please remember these vital supplies: Tape measure, mug of tea, glass of water, assorted screwdrivers, a pair of socks, a vanity mirror, a Gladware lid, some pliers and various table silverware items. You’ll thank me later.

In a few hours, things should be dry-ish, and I can perhaps take down the painting tape and maybe, just maybe, put up artwork and the new fixtures – yay!!

Mike Neir tapped out of all the renovation action not too long after we got home – all the HD excitement and Mongolian-esque BBQ’ing tuckered him right now. Shoes and all.

We don’t make our bed daily – it’s ok if you judge us a little for that. I just can’t bring myself to do it up unless someone might see it – not many surprise guests, bedroom-wise. Unless, of course, you count the times when I take photos to share with, y’know, The Internet, as a surprise guest. Alright, I wish I’d made the bed today.

One final word of advice: If you are at all like me and get a little loopy when febrile, stay away from the sharp knives. It’s healing up quite nicely – the divot at the end is nearly fully healed up. It’s more annoying than painful, as the half-inch hangnail catches on every damn thing in sight when not taped up (“so tape it back up, goofball.”)

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  1. remodeling what a joy 🙂 I hate doing it but yet enjoy if you can understand that. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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