Alright, ladies (and the occasional gentlemen;) I seek your advice.

I am in desperate need of being pampered, and the usual routines just aren’t cutting it.

What do you do when you need to make yourself feel special and pampered? No matter how quirky or commonplace, greedy or selfless, I would really like to hear what helps you not only relax, but feel content, sated and nourished on your soul’s level. What fills that deep “ahhhh” for you?, Inc

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  1. Michele Barnes

    Get a professional facial. A pedicure always makes me feel better, too. Oh, a new fragrance couldn’t hurt…………………..lastly, go hit the quilt shop for some fabric. Michele

  2. PEDICURE! The place I like to go offers a hot stone version that is WONDERFUL. They massage your lower legs with hot stones. Then they rub your feet with cooling gel, put hot stones between your toes, and then wrap your feet in hot towels. TO DIE FOR!
    Barring that I also like my weekly knitting meetup–soul feeding more than pampering.
    Going to the library ALL BY MYSELF is nice too but not so applicable for you.

  3. My favorite day is to go to a class of some kind, whether Yoga or and art class. then wander junk stores looking for treasures. I also love to cook big meals for lots of people, this is luxurious (pampering) to me because it’s an expense I do not often allow for. So it gives me great joy to give a meal to others. Yes, I relax in strange ways! 🙂 napping, laying on a massage table for 60 long minutes or long walks cause me to be anxious. WEIRD!

  4. Elle Clark

    I LOVE the Douglas J Aveda Institute. Reasons being they use earth freindly products, care about the environment, students which means it’s inexpensive enough to use, and wonderful. To add to it they are having a promotion at on the website you can print a coupon, buy one service get one free until around the end of February. So, pay for a facial, get a pedicure, or any combo. Personally I would recommend the vishi shower which is like a massage but with water. As much as y0u like baths you would probably love the water. Then you could get another service free like a facial or stress relieving treatment. If you want company for a pedicure let me know and we can schedule together!

  5. I’ve never had a manicure and a pedicure twice – it was a gift from my mom. It is nice, but I think I’d like a manicure more. Getting my haircut and styled always lifts me up. I, too, enjoy being at the library or a coffee shop. Shopping without a particular mission, simply sitting watching a fav movie and knitting.

  6. Hello from PEAR! For me, being pampered is all about the simple things – spending a leisurely afternoon in a coffee shop with good espresso and books and yarn, taking a long bath with relaxing music and all my favorite Kiehl’s body products, putting on my nicest pajamas and reading a book in bed. Good luck finding whatever little things mean the most to you! 🙂

  7. it has been so long since i have felt this way. i honestly have no idea what would bring this about any longer. thanks for the post though – it has brought to my awareness a lack of something probably essentially to sanity, that i am at this point lacking. must look into this further – will let you know what, if anything, i find

  8. Erin

    Thanks, everyone, for your thoughts here – I really appreciate them all! I’m going to give most of them a shot, as it’s intensely needed right now.

  9. Steven

    From John D. MacDonald, I learned of the pleasures of a piping hot bath enjoyed at the same time as an ice cold gin. I don’t do this often, but it can produce a marvelous “Ahhh..” experience.

  10. you know for me, just being able to sit/lay down with a good book is enough. or even getting to just sit down and listen to the tv. anything that requires not really thinking works for me. lol.

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