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We’re having a couple of friends over for dinner tonight, something we almost never do. Mike Neir and I are largely social hermits; we like the idea of socializing, but often lack the energy to actually carry it off. But tonight, we’re going to start trying to be better at this,

I put a quick menu together – Spinach/mushroom lasagna, whiskey-glazed organic carrots, Italian bread (no time to make this myself; I ended up buying it from the Lansing farmer’s market,) organic green beans. Mike wanted the pecan pie he loves, but Joe hasn’t ever tried a nut pie. Thus, I made two pies – Mike’s pecan and a new recipe, upside-down apple pie. I made the pecan pie last night to save time, and I’m not sure how well it aged overnight under foil, but we shall see.

A few moments ago, I pulled the upside-down apple pie out of the oven, and it looks marvelous.

Well, marvelous except for my freakishly thick crust edges. I’ll issue a pie-eater’s advisory to probably leave those uneaten.

I would have loved to have served this warm from the oven, but with only one oven in the house, the lasagna had to take precedence. How delicious does that look, though? Best of all, all the crust fail is completely buried under delicious, caramel-y goodness.

Here are the recipes I used and will be using tonight:

Pecan Pie, featuring Sylvia’s easy crust (and speaking as someone who never finds pie crusts easy this one really was! We’ll see how it tastes.)

Upside-Down Apple Pie, same crust

Vegetarian lasanga

Whiskey-glazed carrots

For my next trick, we’ll see if we can get the green beans, carrots and lasagna to finish up within 4 hours of each other.


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  1. omg, both of those look absolutely fabulous.

  2. Yum! Hope you have a fun evening! I was just looking at the entertaining section in my Joy of Cooking and thinking of having a retro ladies’ luncheon, and I NEVER entertain. Have you ever made oatmeal pie? It’s pretty much exactly like pecan pie but with oats. Also, I think I might have been tempted to figure out how to cook the apple one at the same time as the lasagna or at least warm it back up then.

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