Two Nifty Tutorials

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I’ll be trying both of these out soon, once I get back into a sewing swing of things:

Anna Maria Horner’s Circle Technique

Clutterpunk’s Thread Sketching

I lost my crafty mojo there for a couple of weeks during the training position thingie, but it’s coming back. Tonight begins my three-Thursday “Never Touched A Needle” class at Threadbear, which I’m looking forward to.  Ok, I’m really really excited about it, not just looking forward to it. I’d like it to be 6pm right now, please.

I have high hopes – I’m expecting doors to fling open, my eyes to be unveiled, mysteries explained. While I have found a method that generally seems to work, I have no clue if it’s actually “knit stitches” or not, which is somewhat important for following patterns in the future.

Barbara showed me one of her current charity projects, which is something I can fully get behind: Knitting Leprosy Bandages. It’s not that I have any strong affinity for lepers over another group especially, it’s that these bandages look incredibly simple to make, and it would be a way to get a lot of practice done on something that would be helpful to others. I’ll need to pick up a set of size 6 needles tonight for the class, may as well pick up a size 3, as well, for these, along with the required yarn.

Looking over Ravelry patterns, there’s a lot of nifty stuff I’d like to make – fingerless gloves, a heavy cardigan for work – but first I have to figure out what all these fancy stitches and instructions are. I’m sure it will be fairly simple, once I get the tutelage in person.

I read another forty-ish pages of my old vampire manuscript last night and my past writer self keeps surprising my present self. There are times when I find myself thinking, ‘Huh – that’s a pretty awesome turn of phrase right there,” and wonder if my writing skills have actually declined over time, rather than improved. Of course, I was reading a lot back then, which generally makes one a better writer. I’m working on fixing that.

Once I finish Blackbringer, I’ll be giving that away, as well as some other books I am unlikely to read again.

And now, to work.

Gardener's Supply Company - Deal of the Week

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  1. I am so jealous… I have always wanted to learn to knit. Your class is going to be amazing. I got half way through Blackbringer and then I was lured away by another book for the holidays… I should finish it.

    Go Mojo Go!

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