Knitting Class, Part One

I learned one new thing – the “yarn over” – tonight, but more importantly, I learned I’d been doing stuff more or less correctly. I also learned it’s damn near impossible to do throwing (instead of picking) with my hand injury. The biggest obstacle I’m going to have, in general, is going to be regulating my tension. Not having working fingers will make this very, very hard.

There were six pupils total, and the instructor had the patience of a saint. We were all very confused by the loose, bottomless yarn-over stitches, but she coached us through them. Three women had knitted before, two literally hadn’t ever touched a needle before, and I was still all fumbly myself.

I reaffirmed I’m really not good at Girl Talk – I don’t care about The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser or Project Runway – but it was still fun being with a bunch of girls who were all intent on the same thing.

A quarter of the way through my dishcloth, I decided to start over and unraveled the whole thing. We have a week to finish it – I think I’ll manage. 🙂 The cotton yarn we’re using is a little difficult to work with, especially as it doesn’t seem to stretch much. This makes the tension thing even weirder.

Not having slept much last night, I was nearly asleep in my chair at the end. And on that note, without further ado, I’m hitting the sack.

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3 responses to Knitting Class, Part One

  1. Elle Clark

    I really wish I could have gone! We lost two people at work. It’s good because they were trouble makers but they have just me and one other tech who can only work 2 days a week due to another job. So, thursdays are not looking good for me! I do need to get your hat to you sometime too! It is my goal this year to learn to knit! So it will happen. That and learn to machine sew (taking a class at Jo Anns for this) and learn to felt! This should take a year! Hope it gets easier for you!

  2. I do think that knitting instructors have to be insanely patient. Then again, knitting in general requires quite a bit of patience! 🙂 Best of luck finding a method that works for you with your hand injury. Have a great weekend!

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