Saddest Little Giveaway Winner

Four of you, count you, four people entered the book giveaway. 😀 Despite traffic numbers of about 60 per day, apparently the “On Writing” thing just didn’t do it for anyone but you lot. That’s ok – it just made the odds of winning better, right?

Phawk is the winner, which is awfully convenient, because I can just bring it into work with me – yay!

You other three, if you’re interested in meta-craft writing books, I think it’s worth finding this new or used.

In the spirit of getting myself into some sort of writing mind, I pulled the vampire book out of the basement and started to read it last night. It’s 130 pages long (double-spaced, typed pages, mind you) and 40 pages in… I’m surprised at how good I think it is. Letting it fester for 18 years apparently soothed away my frustration and disgust sufficiently to let me look at it in a more objective light.

Granted, there are bits of stilted dialog that make me FACEPALM, but it’s not striking me as being as juvenile as I thought it was (perhaps this has something to do with my reading “Blackbringer” currently – if I were 25 years young, this book would probably be rocking my world.) There are scenes taken directly from my life, people I’ve known lifted wholesale, stories I overheard stuffed in the cracks… but still. Not awful.

If I ever get a mind to write lurid gothy tales again, I may salvage this from the fire.

But now? Bathtime, and more reading of this old manuscript. Tonight, I think I’ll bring in a pen.


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